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I do not depend on present day values, language, and customs since they were designed centuries ago. Nor am I affected by what the majority of people believe. At one time the majority of people believed the earth was flat. They believed in many different gods and demons who they thought were responsible for their predicaments.

I also disagree with the concept that humans actually communicate with one another. This would not be possible unless they have common backgrounds in technology and science. In most instances, people talk at each other rather than to each another.

When stating this, I always try to explain in simple terms the positive gains of the social directions that I propose. To clarify these concepts of a possible sustainable future for all of the world's people, we produce videos and books available on our website at www.TheVenusProject.com

There is no question of credibility. If we continue in the direction we are going we will destroy the environment and one another.

We are not about intentional or sustainable communities living well to themselves. We are introducing a global, sustainable, resource-based society. If there are intentional communities that are interested in working with us towards the aims and direction of The Venus Project, we would welcome this but we know of no other groups who have been advocating this direction.

At this stage we are not in a position of power in order to make a transition. We would like to initiate as much of it as we can if we get that opportunity. We are always working toward this.

Food and nutrition would be based upon personal preference and if studies indicate that eating living animals are detrimental to health the information would be there for all people. Through time and education and the manufacturing of synthetic proteins we could do away with killing fish and animals. We can not outlaw what people eat but we can outgrow the need for eating animal protein. During the transition to a better diet for those who need it we could also develop foods that taste and feel just like the ones they like eating but are healthier for people.

People with this condition can be educated out of the need for requiring artificial stimulants. Life would be much more interesting, exciting and always evolving.

All drug addictions would be cared for and provided with the necessary treatment to overcome their problems without the dependence drugs, alcohol or tobacco. And all without a price tag.  In a society where people are brought up with access to information, and resources there would far less stress or need for these artificial substances.

If we want people in a society to achieve a positive, constructive relationship with one another, and become contributing members of society, an effective way to accomplish this is by designing an environment that produces the desired behavior. For example, when the children want to learn how to assemble a small motor vehicle, the design would require four children to lift the car while two others attach the wheels. The rest of the car would be assembled in a similar manner, needing the help and cooperation of all to complete the vehicle for use. This enlightened form of education would help students appreciate the advantages of cooperation.

Exercise in our schools would not be mandatory, monotonous, or involve competition, but would be incorporated directly into the classroom experience. For instance, a craft shop the children enjoy using might be located on a hilltop in the middle of a lake. To get there, the children would have to row a boat, and then climb the hilltop. This not only provides exercise, but also a sense of achievement, which improves mental health and incentive.