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2-DVD set of the 2013 Lecture Series
"Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability"

This series of talks is the most complete, linear expression of TZM's proposal in one set. Feel free to copy and give to friends, use for reference, use for screenings, etc. These links are for free download using software known as Bittorrent.

DVD One DownloadDVD Disc1 Zday2013

DVD Two Download

This 2 DVD set contains the talks from The Zeitgeist Movement's flagship awareness event known as "Zeitgeist Day" (aka ZDay). This DVD set is from the 5th annual Main Event that was held in Los Angeles, CA on March 17th, 2013. Previous Main Events have been held in New York, London and Vancouver.



DVD Disc 1:
[Part 1 of 12] "An Introduction to The Zeitgeist Movement"- by Sharleen Bazeghi
[Part 2 of 12] "A Short History of Economic Thought" - by Peter Joseph
[Part 3 of 12] "Logical Fallacies & Cultural Baggage" - by Matt Berkowitz
[Part 4 of 12] "Moving from the Great Escape to an Improved Reality" - by Jen Wilding
[Part 5 of 12] "From Mars to Earth" - by Douglas Mallette
[Part 6 of 12] "Freedom from Work and the Next Stage of Social Evolution" - by Federico Pistono

DVD Disc 2:
[Part 7 of 12] "Thinking in Systems" - by Jason Lord
[Part 8 of 12] "A Case for Human Unity" - by Brandon Kristy
[Part 9 of 12] "Public Health: Historical & Modern Value Conflicts" - by Ben McLeish
[Part 10 of 12] "We Are All Connected. Literally" - by Brandy Hume
[Part 11 of 12] "The Transition" - by Eva Omori
[Part 12 of 12] Conclusion - by Peter Joseph, and Q&A Panel with All Speakers

NOTE: These are DVD9 formatted and require Dual-Layer Discs for burning.

Instruction for PC: Simply burn the .ISO with this free program: Dual Layer Burn Instructions:

Instruction for MAC: Simply open the DISK UTILITY program and burn from there.

These talks are produced and distributed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License .

These videos are available online at TZM's Official Youtube channel: