BitTorrent Downloads

*The medium of file transfer being utilized here is known as "Bittorrent", which requires a separate program. You can download the program Here.  It is recommended you install this program first, and then download the "Torrent " file above. Once you have the program installed, you can open the Torrent file you have downloaded, and it will begin the transfer.  The file will be downloaded to a folder specified by the program.


*Some torrent files are not working right now due to the fact that in 2012 the US government, RIAA & others took action with the Ukraine government to take down the free, public torrent site known as Demonoid.  They used the "piracy argument" for their actions but in doing so they also removed one of the largest, best organized, public domain distribution sites in the world.  All content that was created by volunteers, for free non-commercial distribution (including some of the files below) is lost and non-downloadable via the torrent links used world-wide.  If you have the original torrent file, please email the original Bitorrent link so we can reseed on a new site