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In order to change the world, you must first change your mind.

People often ask "What can I do?" to make a difference in regards to The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM).  In answer to this question a list of suggestions are presented below.  TZM is presently focused on global, critcal-mass awareness of root-causes to persistent social problems (ie. poverty, war, pollution, crime, etc) and advocates a holistic solution known as a global Resource-Based Economy.  The Movement maintains that without enough support from the public nothing will change as social and environmental pressures increase.  It will take massive social awareness to bring about the direction we advocate.

Join and participate in your local chapter!  Or start one in your area! Click Here

Some ideas in which you can contribute to this direction:

  • Learn about the direction of The Zeitgeist Movement through the many materials & videos published on this and other TZM websites
  • Listen to the Zeitgeist Movement's Global Radio Address on Blogtalk Radio or create your own show!
  • Create a "Why I Advocate" video 
  • Talk to friends & family about The Zeitgeist Movement and Resource-Based Economy concepts
  • Start group meetings in your area for engaging in awareness activism of TZM educational materials
  • Help Transcribe (English) and Translate Movement materials into different languages. Connect with Linguistic Team Int'l. See Linguistics Team
  • Set up public screenings of Zeitgeist Addendum or Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
  • Head over to The Zeitgeist Movement website and join the newsletter email list
  • Help set up lectures at conferences, colleges or universities for The Zeitgeist Movement
  • Hold physical Townhall Meetings open to the public
  • Hand out dvds or flyers at a location where people are seeking solutions (festivals, farmer's markets, etc)
  • Initiate your own online radio shows or introduce the concepts by being a guest on other radio shows (Listen to an example here)
  • Consider ways to create positive TV exposure for TZM.
  • Write and submit magazine articles about the Resource-Based Economy concepts or about TZM
  • Download The Zeitgeist Movement Digital Slide Presentation and present this yourself to groups of people. For further informational help with this presentation you can refer to The Zeitgeist Movement Defined
  • Banner Activism - holding above highways, hanging on buildings, etc.
  • Leave cards, brochures or dvds with public businesses to make available to customers
  • Write poems, make music, create animations about this new direction.  And please submit them to submit [at]
  • Discuss RBE concepts on blogs and forums throughout the internet. is a great place to include this train of thought via comments to many related article.
  • Arrange for a TZM-themed art show at a local art gallery (Click Here for an example)
  • If you have any ideas to promote and expose this direction that are related to your own skills and connections, we would love to hear from you! Email info [at]
  • BOINC: Technology Team project. This can run on any computer without affecting performance.  It uses only idle time. A great way to get recognized in the scientific community as a contributing and helpful organization

Chapters may do per-project fundraising for Dvd's, banners, flyers, etc. But the most valuable contribution is your time and any resources you may wish to contribute (event space, skills & expertise, meeting room venues, printing, dvd production, radio contacts, media connections, etc.)