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Anyone can hold a TZM Meeting. One needs but a basic understanding of the Movement & interest to create awareness toward a new system, to hold a meeting. All efforts, activism & events originate from "meeting up" with each other to share ideas & resources; developing a work environment for activism.

Building & expanding the Movement is all about initiative. Holding a meeting at one's home, cafe, park, or public area takes next to nothing, and that's the point, we want this to be fluid & accessible for those who do have that initiative, in which there are many. Find a place to meet, set a date&time, email the details to a coordinator, and the meeting will be emailed out to the LA membership so they can attend & help start up awareness efforts in a given area.

1.) Set a "Date, time, and location"

2.) Set an Agenda of what to go over (ie: introductions, ideas for awareness, projects, upcoming events, websites, open Q&A-TZM related discussion, etc.)

3.) Email the Details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Meetings are how all of this started, and will continue to play a critical role in the expansion & productivity of the Zeitgeist Movement.

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The ONE PLANET PROJECT campaign is a simple local chapter project that directly engages each local community. An effective and creative platform for opening communication and education with the general public about our current world and the many problems we face as a global community today and heading into the future and how we can begin to work towards making a difference!

Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Paraguay and many other countries around the world, the ONE PLANET PROJECT is spreading the message to thousands!


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Please send your images or create a short video of your street awareness efforts and send us the link and it will get posted on the One Planet Project Website in the VIDEO and GALLERY section!


What you do:

1. Create your OnePlanetProject Binder:
This will contain your questions & answers, a place to write down emails, and other supporting information relating to the questions & answers discussed. Go here for Binder Material and other tools.

2. Engage the Public:
Visit a cultural hot spot, busy part of town, or go right outside your door and engage people with questions. Collect emails from people. Be sincere, stay emergent in your approach, and keep the interactions positive above anything. This is grass roots; we seek nothing less than to build a unified worldwide movement for social transformation.

3. Send an "Info Package" to the Collected Emails:
Send an "Info Package"(Click Here) to the hard earned emails you collected for people to join the movement. Then send the emails to the official OPP Contact Page (Click Here) so they can be counted in union with the global project numbers.



Here is the One Planet Project in Action:




"Why I Advocate TZM"

     Media Testimonial Campaign

View Submissions (click here)

Step #1: Create a 1-5 minute, concise expression of why you support the need for a "Resource-Based Economic Model".
Feel free to include your life experience and how you came to realize the need.

Step #2: Upload it to a video host (i.e. YouTube.com) and then post that upload on the "Media Project site." (click here) 

Step #3: Email the video to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please post on the Facebook Page as well! (click here)

Step #4: Through forum interaction and team creation, the goal is not only to have the individual videos, but to create an hour-long "film" showing the faces of the movement so the world can see the growing effect. More on the film concept as the campaign unfolds.









To order posters email: powerline(at)zmca.org




Many are active on an everyday basis by sharing the Movement's understandings and direction with others in passing as moments arise. 

Awareness can of course be expressed in different ways. The 'how to' info within the "Action Teams" pages are just some of the ways we've had success so far and exist as a resource of experience gained to be carried forward and built upon, or to inspire new efforts all together.