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Set up a day of Tabling Activism at a college, festival, market place, or green event? This kind of public interaction is what defines us as a Movement..


Tabling at local events gives us the community presence and public interaction which very much defines us as a movement. With local events going on every day across LA, there are many opportunities for us to participate with an info table and voice; bringing the activity of the movement to the community.

1.)  Find an Event to Table at:

Festivals Guide 2012 - Los Angeles.pdf

This is only a short list of examples.  Check our local college/city/town calendars for event days that you can attend.  Many free events (such as farmer's markets) make it easy to go where the crowds are!

Free Local Magazines are a good place to look for an upcoming event.
Google Search: "you city name", "green", "events", "sustainability", "festival", "community event"

2.)  Secure a Spot at the Event:

When scouting for an event for us to table at look for the "exhibitors/vendors" link on the website to register a spot. Or, send the event contact person an email. Here's an example email:

"Hi, I wanted to know about getting a spot at the 'NewWorldFest' event coming up June 24 - 26th in Santa Monica.

My name is Brandon, I'm with The Zeitgeist Movement at Los Angeles. We're a sustainability movement, addressing some of the root causes of the problems we see in the world today, presenting many solutions and information on how to move into a green sustainable world by utilizing the best that science and technology has to offer. Thanks!"

Customize your email based on the event; It makes all the difference.

3.)  Gather Tabling Supplies:

*Essentials: Table, free information, and a voice

Info Cards
Free Zeitgeist Dvds
Registration Sheet
Small Banner
Tent Canopy

*Tabling Supplies available, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3.  Finalize:

Contact your local chapter coordinator about your event so they can post it on the calendar.  This way other members can show up and help advocate!

Tabling Activism is all about engaging the people in your locale and pulling in new members, strengthening our connection to the masses at the community level. Over time the increase of interest in your area, and throughout the world, will culminate in critical mass.

View Pictures of past Tabling Activism (Click Here!)


Many are already active volunteers just by sharing the understandings and values with other people every day in organic spontaneous ways, and by living the values of the movement and being in integrity with the personal/social transformation surely upon us.

Social activism can express itself in all kinds of ways. One Planet Project, along with the other "action teams" are just some of the ways we've had success so far, so they are offered as tools.

You're welcome to build upon and carry these actions forward however you may as you feel moved to do so. Take what you will from what has worked, and carry the movement forward. There's really no "box", to box this movement in. We are all kind of "coordinators" of self-initiated awareness efforts, just as long as we stay relevant to what TZM is, and is doing.

We're all together in this. Many are taking this information to the community in creative ways, uniting the culture around sustainability and peace.

Have questions or need help? Just get in touch: contact[at]zmca[dot]org