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Coordinate "Banner Activism" in your area, at a traffic intersection or freeway bridge during rush hour traffic. This kind of on the ground public interaction is what defines us as a Movement.


Banner Activism is where TZM members walk or display large Zeitgeist Banners in busy areas of the city. Hundreds of people see the banner giving the movement great exposure and community presence. (Visit the Banner Activism page!)

Here are some simple steps for coordinating a day of Banner Activism.

1.)  Pick a Location:

Freeways bridges, street intersections, beaches, parks...anywhere with large crowds.

*Previous Banner Activism Locations

Freeway Bridges
Parks & Beaches
Runyan Canyon Park
Manhattan Beach

2.)  Pick a Date and Time: 

Schedule at least 1 week ahead of time for others to participate.  Inform your local ZM Coordinator about your event!

3.)  Pick up a Banner:  

Large and small banners available for pick-up. To arrange to pick up a banner or to order a banner of your own (Click Here!)

Banner Activism is a very simple and effective way to reach a lot of people. Many people have been inspired towards the movement after seeing a Zeitgeist Banner.

View pictures of past Banner Activism (Click Here!)

Visit the "TZM Banner Project" page (Click Here!)


Many are already active volunteers just by sharing the understandings and values with other people every day in organic spontaneous ways, and by living the values of the movement and being in integrity with the personal/social transformation surely upon us.

Social activism can express itself in all kinds of ways. One Planet Project, along with the other "action teams" are just some of the ways we've had success so far, so they are offered as tools.

You're welcome to build upon and carry these actions forward however you may as you feel moved to do so. Take what you will from what has worked, and carry the movement forward. There's really no "box", to box this movement in. We are all kind of "coordinators" of self-initiated awareness efforts, just as long as we stay relevant to what TZM is, and is doing.

We're all together in this. Many are taking this information to the community in creative ways, uniting the culture around sustainability and peace.

Have questions or need help? Just get in touch: contact[at]zmca[dot]org