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Set up your own local Film Screening of one of the Zeitgeist films

The Zeitgeist films are one of the most effective ways of getting TZM's ideas and values across to people. How many of us are here because they saw one of the Zeitgeist films?

1.)  Finding a Venue

Community Centers
Local Events/festivals
Film Screening Clubs

2.)  Emailing the Venue Contact Person (example email)

"Hi my name is Brandon, I have a film screening question.

I work with an organization called "The Zeitgeist Movement". I see you have monthly documentary screenings at your community space there and I wanted to see about setting up a screening with you guys of our latest film "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" (Watch film for free here). We have a Q&A panel available to answer questions after the film. The film does a fascinating critique on our socioeconomic model, exposing the roots of some of our major social problems in the world today, while also expressing the logical, rational, practical solutions we have at our disposal to update (and evolve) our current social system, enabling a truly sustainable, global society to emerge for the betterment of all the world's people. Looking forward to hearing back!


This was only one example of one scenario where someone was trying to set up a film screening with a local documentary film club. The main points you want to get across when reaching out to a group/organization/venue/college is:

1) A Zeitgeist film would be a perfect fit for what they're doing because x, y, and z.

2) We're not here to make money, we're here to share information and build community awareness.

3) Give them a link to the Zeitgeist film webpage http://zeitgeistmovie.com.

4) Q&A Panel available for public interaction after the film.

3.)  Set a Time/Date

Plan the screening at least a few weeks ahead of time to allow for enough time to promote the film screening. 

4.)  Get the Word Out


5.)  Finalize

Arrange speakers for the Q&A panel
Prepare free materials to hand out at the screening (ex: Info cards and Dvds)

Documentary Film Screenings are one the more popular ways local communities are connecting and sharing information these days.


Many are already active volunteers just by sharing the understandings and values with other people every day in organic spontaneous ways, and by living the values of the movement and being in integrity with the personal/social transformation surely upon us.

Social activism can express itself in all kinds of ways. One Planet Project, along with the other "action teams" are just some of the ways we've had success so far, so they are offered as tools.

You're welcome to build upon and carry these actions forward however you may as you feel moved to do so. Take what you will from what has worked, and carry the movement forward. There's really no "box", to box this movement in. We are all kind of "coordinators" of self-initiated awareness efforts, just as long as we stay relevant to what TZM is, and is doing.

We're all together in this. Many are taking this information to the community in creative ways, uniting the culture around sustainability and peace.

Have questions or need help? Just get in touch: contact[at]zmca[dot]org