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The TZM BOINC Project now has its own website: http://www.tzmboinc.com/

BOINC logo

BOINC (boinc.berkeley.edu) is a computer program that lets you donate your idle computer time to science projects.

This is a great way for the Movement to contribute to scientific research, through the Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Team.

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a volunteer grid computing system that uses your computer to solve problems. BOINC uses your computers excess CPU (central processing unit) power to solve scientific problems. Several projects on BOINC will help make the transition easier, safer, and faster. By downloading BOINC and attaching to these projects, we can speed up research in the respective areas helping solve social, technical and scientific problems. The Current projects we support directly help with the transition. Other benefits are:

• It’s a great way to show people the collaborative power of the movement

• We get to help scientific research advance

• We help build a name for ourselves as a helpful

• We gain notice by the research community as a group that helps

• Hopefully those in the research community will want to learn more about what this "Zeitgeist Movement" is all about

• Focusing all our efforts on one or a few projects indirectly supports other projects as it can free up processing power for users who are running multiple projects on BOINC as we take over the work they would have done allowing them to focus on other projects more.

• By reaching first place on team rankings, The Zeitgeist Movement gets more recognition and exposure.

• We hope to be able to build a relationship with the researchers and scientist behind these projects.

The more people we get to join, the faster we can speed up research in these projects!!


Download BOINC here:

Download BOINC

Alternate Download

Once installed, attach to any of the projects currently listed under the current project section and join our team on the respective projects. (Note you must be logged in on the projects website to join the team). You can add more than one computer to your member account.

Current Project

Here is a list of current projects The Zeitgeist Movement is currently focusing on, follow the link for more information on the projects and how to join: (Click HERE for a 2012 update letter)


This project is helping eradicate Malaria and is one of many projects and groups leading the call to a global eradication of the disease. Malaria has to go as part of the transition to a Resource Based Economy. It is a growing threat that will continue to complicate things as we progress. Malaria causes poverty, hunger, and other social maladies we are focused on eliminating. This is one negative cause we don't have to wait for to eliminate, help us eliminate it now!


Completed Projects

Here is a list of projects The Zeitgeist Movement has helped complete:


The Zeitgeist Movement team on AQUA@home has been a huge success, and thanks to your efforts, the world’s first Quantum Computing System is now commercially available, follow the above link to find out more.

Top contributors!
The movement has topped the charts for a second time as Top Contributors on a BOINC project. www.malariacontrol.net/top_teams.php

Projects Goals

• 25,000 Active Members on each respective project

• Getting The Zeitgeist Movement team to number one on the respective projects


Thank you for your work.

The Zeitgeist Movement BOINC Team and ZMCA