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TZM Guidelines to start a chapter

Official Chapters** are recognized as self-motivated groups of individuals that understand the Movement's train-of-thought and advocate the social direction expressed in the book TZM Defined.  Chapters are focused on on-the-ground public awareness, education and communication-based actions.

Chapter Guidelines

  • Purpose: Facilitate TZM awareness activism in your area (currently focused on on-the-ground communication of TZM's train-of-thought and our educational imperatives through public interaction)
  • Personal Understanding: Of the Movement's Orientation Guide or Orientation Videos so you can communicate and answer questions.
  • Web Presence: Official Chapters maintain a website of membership and events. (There is a web platform available at
  • Relevance: Chapter membership and websites stay relevant to what TZM is about. (i.e. No outside organization advertising, projects, fundraising or agendas as the chapter focus)
  • Stay in communication: Participate in an online meeting at least once a month.  ZMCA meetings are in Teamspeak.
  • Connect the Network: As an official chapter please link back to on your site and your chapter will be listed as an official chapter here on ZMCA.

Each coordinator understands this is a voluntary role and express, through the desire to take on the role, that you advocate the points above.  If you're interested in starting a state chapter outside of California please use this link:

*Coordinator positions get re-posted as OPEN if any of the following apply: A coordinator becomes unresponsive to email communication, or one's actions no longer fit the description of the role, or a chapter becomes dormant.

**It is not necessary to create an official chapter in order to advocate this information to others.  Many people elect to do their own thing in their own way, and that's great!  Some don't have time to coordinate due to life needs, and sometimes chapters are viewed as vehicles for "causes" or "patchwork projects" (i.e. growing food, co-ops, protest groups, political campaigns, transition towns, building cities, communes, etc).  These avenues are open to all but are not the focus of Movement chapters.  For more information please see these articles about our structure.

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