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banner activism
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Official State Chapters are recognized by ZMCA as self-motivated groups of individuals that advocate and support the Zeitgeist Movement and the solutions proposed.  Subchapters are focused on on-the-ground awareness projects and social interaction.

To connect with other people that support TZM see the chapters below.  If your area is not listed then consider Starting a Chapter

Northern California
Humboldt County Reba
Sacramento Position Open


Central California
City/Region Coordinator
San Francisco John & Suey   
Ventura County (ZMVC) Position Open


Southern California
City/Region Coordinator
Laguna Beach, OC Reza
Long Beach Mico
Los Angeles Brandon
Orange County Ryan
San Diego Don
San Jacinto Blake
Hesperia Jen/Gordon



ZMCA University Chapter Network : TZMUC (For the on-campus organization of student groups and faculty)


Click Here to start a chapter in your area