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Media Festival

The Los Angeles Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement
Announces the 2016 Zeitgeist Media Festival
Saturday December 3rd, 2016  TZM Media Festival 2016 Web Banner v6 2

The Zeitgeist Media Festival is back for its sixth annual main event! Embracing a spirit of unity and exploration, the Media Festival promotes an atmosphere of catharsis from the creative suffocation that can result from day-to-day and reinforces the call for us to come together as a society if we wish to realize long-term change.

This non profit Multimedia Arts-Activist Festival will feature live music, comedy, short films, spoken word, art gallery, live painting, collaborative/interactive-art rooms, presentations by prominent activists, artists, and thinkers, and will host a variety of NPOs and organizations to foster solidarity and discussion around pressing social issues and their resolution.

Performances by:
Lili Haydn - Violin Virtuoso
Lee Camp - Comedian & Social Commentator
Peter Joseph - Director of Zeitgeist films, to show trailer for new film "Interreflections"
Nomi Abadi - Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, and Composer
Eleanor Goldfield - Creative & Grassroots Activist
RawLegit - Hip Hop Artist & Activist
Chad Fisher - Comedian and Activist
Rick Overton - Comedian

Gallery Artists:
Abby Martin - Artist, Activist, and Journalist
Brandon Kristy - Artist & Social activist
Barret Crane - Graphic Artist
Sujey Ruiz - Artist & Social Activist
Richelle Gribble - Science Artist
Janna Avner - Arts & Sciences

The ZMF is partnered with the LA Food Bank to help aid the many homeless and suffering throughout the city. When thinking of ways to donate, remember that any food you eat or product you use to get you through the day are the types of products that could potentially be donated. Cans of food, non perishable, dry goods, etc.

Each year artists and activists are invited to participate and join us at the main event in Los Angeles, California. All mediums welcome, and all socially conscious/relevant works considered. Chapters around the world also share in the expression globally by conducting parallel Zeitgeist Media Festival (art-activist) events in their local areas around the same period. [*Weekend of December 3rd]
Send Art Submissions and Events to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The mission of the Zeitgeist Media Festival and The Zeitgeist Movement is to bridge the difference between all nations, races, classes, genders and creeds; to understand we all share the same basic needs; to understand we are truly One Family sharing One Habitat and that our world views and hence societal approaches should reflect this foun­dational global perspective.