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From Social Symptom to Root Cause

From Social Symptom to Root Cause

An 8-part presentation about the Zeitgeist Movement

By James Phillips

This series was inspired by the 2013 ZDAY event in London, in which all but the introductory talk featured organizations exterior to TZM, and all of which wish to improve a particular social/environmental issue that is partially aligned with the Movement’s materials. The reason for this approach was twofold.

Firstly, was to work with and showcase the great work being done by these organizations in their efforts to shift the cultural zeitgeist in a more positive direction.

And secondly, was to underscore the importance for the need of a long-term aim to address the underlying causality binding these symptomatic issues together, by moving to an entirely new socioeconomic model that is designed to solve these interconnected issues at their root.


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There is indeed no shortage of well-intentioned social & humanitarian activist groups and charities attempting to address social issues. However, despite their admirable intentions they are either unaware of, do not mention, or do not appreciate the need to shift to a new model designed to address the reason for the existence of the problems they are trying to solve. This is to unwittingly perpetuate the problem in question rather than resolve it through no fault of their own.

Our hope is that if these groups (who clearly care enough to act) could appreciate this point and then perhaps see the need to advocate an NL/RBE (natural law resource based economy) as a long term goal, while still promoting their particular cause as an important stepping stone in the journey of transition. 

This would undoubtedly be a big step in the right direction and is the principal purpose of this series. To put forward the need to move from addressing social symptoms to the root cause of these detrimental and interconnected effects.

The titles of each of the 8 parts in this series, along with a brief synopsis, and the sources for each of these presentations will follow in dedicated blog installments.


In conclusion

My hope is that these talks will come in useful in helping movement members to reach out to those who may have a strong allegiance with and/or sympathies towards one, or all of the particular issues discussed. Hopefully aiding them to elucidate the dire need to change the entire edifice of our current socioeconomic system to one that is more in line with natural law and sustainable environmental and social practices for all the world's people.

This series is also available through the movements global radio show, TZM Global Radiowhich is sourced through and can be accessed via this link: