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Can you travel around the world without money?


A 44-year-old Irishman is attempting the journey without a dollar in his pocket.

Colin Turner believes a world without money is "not just possible", but "preferable and urgently necessary for humanity to progress".  He stated that, "For the first time in history, we have the skills and resources to create abundance in the world, eradicate scarcity and all its associated suffering through the effective use of technology."

"For example, right now, we could build an entirely automated farm in a famine-stricken area, to feed thousands of people, if we didn't have to think about cost, but instead just decided to do it.

"We don't need money to create a futuristic and abundant society, we just need to have the vision and to start working together to make it happen," Mr Turner said.

The Dubliner acknowledges the influence of Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist movement and Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project in the development of his own philosophy.  Colin is also the creator of the Free World Charter, a statement of principles that has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

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