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Z-Day in California 2012

ZDay2012 blk

Zeitgeist Day (Zday) is an annual global event that occurs in the middle of March each year.  Zday is about generating global interest, support and awareness for a sustainable social system for all the world's people in the most technically and socially-responsible manner possible, mainly through scientific unfolding.  There are many events happening around the globe (see  Click the link below to find information for Zday Events throughout California.

Z-Day Events in CA

As one of the most pivotal awareness actions we conduct, ZDAY has historically been a great public awareness success with an average of 350 events occurring across 60 countries each year since 2009. These events are put on by volunteers and are usually free events. Many incur costs for venues, materials, printing, etc.. If you're unable to attend a Zday event this year but wish to contribute to our efforts, please donate through these secure, per-project, donation widgets on this page.

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