In our view, education should be more than the presentation of many facts memorized by students. The first aspects of an innovative education should have an emphasis on communication and the ability to resolve and avoid conflicts. This can be accomplished though an exposure to general semantics.

Although books and computers will be used in the future of education, an exposure to basic science is an absolute necessity. This would include an exposure to the scientific method and how it applies to everyday living. But most of all, an understanding of how science and technology must be applied with environmental and human concern, without which, technological development in itself would be meaningless.

Another portion of education that would be emphasized is the contributions of many different nations to the arts and sciences that are used in the world today. The tendency to use education to enshrine a particular nation is more of a propaganda approach than the presentation of genuine information. It is not possible for people to understand other cultures without an overview of many of different cultural practices. No civilized culture today has lifted itself by its own bootstraps. Instead all nations evolved as a result of many creative people throughout the world that have contributed to the arts and sciences.

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