At present, both husbands and wives work. Monetary economics has undermined family cohesion and childcare. Parents have little time to spend with their children, and they are constantly stressed by ever-rising medical bills, insurance payments, educational expenses, and cost of living expenses.

In this area, one of the most profound benefits of this new civilization can be realized. Shorter workdays will provide greater opportunity for family members to pursue areas of personal interest. Free access to goods and services will make the home a pleasant place, without the economic stress that causes so much family turmoil.

Would people be happier in this kind of society? Perhaps it isn’t happiness that we seek: happiness is relative to each individual’s distinct nature, and is thus individually defined and achieved. We seek to create a society where people are free to choose their life’s work, develop hidden potential, and pursue dreams without government intervention or financial constraint.

A resource-based economy would provide art centers, music centers, theater projects, and opportunities for people to return to an educational environment, allowing them to pursue their interests. Although people would be economically secure, they would still find real challenges that would maintain incentives and enhance creativity.
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