There are many disadvantages to using this old method of exchange for goods and services.
We will consider just a few here and let you add to this list on your own.

1. Money is just an interference between what one needs and what one is able to get. It is not
money that people need, it is access to resources.

2. The use of money results in social stratification and elitism based primarily on economic

3. People are not equal without equal purchasing power.

4. Most people are slaves to jobs they do not like because they need the money.

5. There is tremendous corruption, greed, crime, embezzlement, and more caused by the need
for money.

6. Most laws are enacted for the benefit of corporations, which have enough money to lobby,
bribe, or persuade government officials to make laws that serve their interests.

7. Those who control purchasing power have greater influence.

8. Money is used to control the behavior of those with limited purchasing power.

9. Goods such as foods are sometimes destroyed to keep prices up; when things are scarce
prices increase.

10. There is tremendous waste of material and strain on available resources from superficial
design changes for newer later fads each year in order to create continuous markets for

11. There is tremendous environmental degradation due to the high cost of better methods of
waste disposal.

12. The Earth is being plundered for profit.

13. The benefits of technology are only distributed to those with sufficient purchasing power.

14. Most important, when the corporation’s bottom line is profit, decisions in all areas are
made not for the benefit of people and the environment, but primarily for the acquisition of
wealth, property, and power.

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