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Zeitgeist Media Festival 2012

August 5th, 2012 | 4pm - 11pm
The Avalon Theatre Hollywood

The annual "Zeitgeist Media Festival" (ZMF) combines live music, short films, art and comedy around the ethos that we are One Species sharing One Planet and it is time the world learns to work together for the betterment of all.

The Inaugural Event for the annual Zeitgeist Media Festival occurred in 2011 with over 40 events occurring across 20 countries. The Main Event in Hollywood with an 8-hour packed program that was also viewed via live webcast by over 150,000 people.

This year the Media Festival's main event will be at the famous Avalon Theater. This is an At-cost Event!

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Performer & Speaker Highlights!

Lili Haydn 006  sussan deyhim 275  marianne-williamson 

Lili Haydn- violin virtuoso
Sussan Deyhim- world famous Sufi singer, composer
Marianne Williamson- international best-selling author & lecturer
James Cromwell- actor/producer "Admissions"
Rutger Hauer- actor/producer "Requiem 2019"
Tim Kring- Emmy nominated TV writer "Heroes", "Touch", "Knight Rider"
Cofield Mundi- chart topping singer & songwriter
Ash Ruiz- formerly of Latin-sensation band
Here II Here & new solo artist
Duncan Bridgeman- producer of world famous music doc "1 Giant Leap"
Rick Overton- award-winning comedian/actor
Norton Wisdom- famed performance painter
Master Zero- underground favorite performance artist
Peter Joseph- "Zeitgeist" film series creator, Zeitgeist Movement founder
Steve Robertson- "Peace Concert" founder/producer
J Brave of the Luminaries
Ernest Chapman
Katie Goodman
Lillian's Rose
Rob Herring
Ted Z & the Wranglers

Short Film Screenings

james cromwell  TimKring  rutger.hauer

"Requiem 2019"- Rutger Hauer & Stefan Frost
"Touch" - Tim Kring
"Admissions"- James Cromwell
"The Thief" - Micah Buzan
"Love Project"- Lenni Semmeloink
"Life, land, and justice in Uganda"-Jason Taylor
"Natabar Sarang"- Jason Taylor
"A Shifting Culture"- Jason Taylor
"Eyefilm"- Milos Paripovic
"The Fear of Freedom"- Jean Studler
"Silent Seas"-Leandro Bento
"The Phobia of relativity"- Joao Meirinhos
"Waking up Forest"- Sando
"Shadows"- Houssam Haddad
"Spirit of the Times"- Ryan Reeves
"Samsara" Mark Magedson
"Vanishing Bees"George Langworthy
"American Drug War II"- Kevin Booth
"1 Giant Leap" - Duncan Bridgeman

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Events Happening World Wide Aug 3rd, 4th, 5th