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Zeitgeist Media Festival 2011 - August Update


The countdown continues for the First Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival - a global, multi-media event working to utilize the Arts as a medium of sharing and creating sustainable values in the pursuit of a better world.

Since antiquity, the Arts have been a powerful catalyst in the development of the "Zeitgeist" of the time. It is the Arts that continually work to challenge common beliefs; initiate progress and it is no wonder that many of the greatest thinkers and scientists in history gave tremendous credence to its power and utility.


The Main Event for the Zeitgeist Media Festival will occur on Sept 11th 2011 (2pm) at the MUSIC BOX in HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA.

This not-for-profit, 8 hour, jam packed creative expression featuring Music, Visual & Interactive Art, Poetry, Comedy, Theatrics and many other mediums is also a Regional Food Drive for the growing poverty phenomenon occurring in LA county.




This event features socially conscious artistic power-houses such as famed Guitar Legend Billy Gibbons, World Musician Natacha Atlas, Violin Virtuoso Lili Haydn, Ben Stewart's Hierosonic, the social comedy of Rick Overton (MC) and Lee Camp and much much more.

Also, apart from the main stage performances, a special 3000 sq. ft Rooftop Garden which will house fine art, video and more music is also being constructed by LA's "Dream Circus" as a place to meet and network with other socially conscious creative minds.

*The Music Box is a relatively small venue so those interested in attending this event are encourage to acquire tickets soon. Otherwise, the entire ZMF LA MAIN Event will be webcast live for free as well for those who can't make it. (This information will be posted soon.)

Note: In addition to your Ticket, all attendees are required to bring a small canned/sealed food donation for the LA Food Drive.

Here are recommended items for the Food Drive:
Canned Vegetables
Vegetable Juice
Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce
Canned Fruit (in its own juice)
Fruit Juice (100%)
Shelf-stable Fruit Cups
Canned Tuna
Canned Salmon
Canned Beef Stew
Canned Beans
Peanut Butter
Hot cereals
Whole Grain Crackers
Whole Wheat Pasta
Low Sugar/High Fiber Cereal
Whole grain rice
Dry Milk

Recommended Personal Care Items:
Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Shaving Cream

The parallel global events are being updated on the website as they become finalized. A short list can be found here:

From Canada to London to Israel, there has been a great interest in turning this socially conscious event into something never seen before. We are expecting over 70 parallel events to occur and each Event will also support their local Food Banks and work to help their local regions.

Regional Events:

Anchorage, Alaska:

Canada (main):

Portland OR:

Canada (Calgary, Alberta):

London, UK:

Bagnolet, France:


Chicago, IL:

New York City, NY:

Indianapolis, IN:

Brisbane, Australia:

Nitra, Slovakia:

Vancouver, BC:

Toronto, CA:

Alton, Hampshire:

*If you have an event you are planning, please contact us with all details as soon as you can. We apologize to those who have done so but have not had their event posted online as of yet. We are updating. ;)

If you wish to follow this Global Event's progress on Facebook, please see this new page:

More Updates Soon!

In Solidarity for a better world,