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It has been a good run! 2008 - 2017

Hi All,

It has been a great run!  This site has remained online in service to TZM's volunteer efforts since 2008.  I was trying for the 10 year mark and nearly got there.  Due to personal life needs this site (and its sister site will be going off line in October.  With all the new security requirements (which are expensive to implement) and the full-time webmastering job for both sites it's more than I can keep up with.

I'm honored by everyone who contributed to these pages, the legacy of your work and countless of thousands of hours of volunteer effort by hundreds of TZM activists throughout California and the global TZM community.  Please feel free to download anything you want from these pages.  Most of it is still completely relevant in the context of a system problem and the need to transition from the profit/consumption/waste model (which we still have) to an economic system based on the earth, natural systems, efficiency and equity for all.  That need is still in front of all of us.

ETA for going offline will be early October 2017.  If you are a Firefox user, the add-on Scrapbook is an easy way to archive any site directly to your computer for offline browsing.


In Solidarity,
Jason L.
ZMCA Webmaster

ZDay 2017 Main Event - Australia

zday poster 4 Announcing the 9th Annual Global 'Zeitgeist Day' 2017 Symposium Main Event:

Brisbane Australia, Saturday March 25 - 26th, 2017

New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, AU

Brisbane, Australia – Discover the possibilities of automation, innovation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, critical thinking and innovative systems and their role in the transition towards the Zeitgeist Movement’s ultimate vision, a Natural-Law Resource Based Economy (NLRBE).

Discuss how the current money-market system we live in is responsible for issues such as – poverty, corruption, pollution, homelessness, war and starvation – and how our understanding of the system can help us become the change we want to see in the world.

This page will be updated with information on presenters as they are added to the two-day schedule on Saturday and Sunday 25th-26th March, 2017.

We look forward to meeting you on our journey towards global unity and abundance!


Focusing on transitioning society to into a condition of post-scarcity, emphasizing social and environmental justice, the topics of discussion will include the role of technology, the latest understandings in public health science, critical factors of future sustainability, transition steps such as universal basic income, and the structural incapacity of market capitalism to address these pressing concerns, holding progress back. The purpose of The Zeitgeist Movement is to assist global transition into a new social model based upon the pursuit of social equality, sustainability and abundance.

2017 Main Event Official Website:

TZM Official Website:


zdayglobal logo

"The New Human Rights Movement" - A new book by Peter Joseph

The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression

The New Human Rights MovementAfter almost a decade of research and activism, Peter Joseph [founder of The Zeitgeist Movement] is proud to announce the prerelease of his new literary work, The New Human Rights Movement.

Published by BenBella Books, this text gives a detailed analysis of the oppressive and unsustainable state of affairs we endure today. More importantly, it proposes the critical steps needed to change course before ecological and social instability become irreversible. At about 120,000 words, including over 800 sources/footnotes, the thoroughness of this work is extensive.

For those interested, you can preorder this important book now. While the release is still months away, your preorder will help the work’s promotional metrics, leading to a stronger release and more media attention. Given the deep saturation of the book market today, this work needs your support if we hope to see these perspectives and ideas ever engaged in the mainstream.

Help make this book a “bestseller” which will make this conversation visible.

Preorder Here:…/…/1942952651


Facebook Page:

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Official Zeitgeist Movement NPO Formed

The Zeitgeist Movement has a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit


As of June 2016, The Zeitgeist Movement has established a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization to help with core administrative tasks. Based in California, and chaired by core members of the Los Angeles Chapter of TZM, this tax exempt entity allows for tax deductible donations.

Allocation of donated funds include: Funding website work, covering administrative and hosting fees; the development and promotion of global event days, such as the Media Festival and Zeitgeist Day; expanding public relations work; along with overall media outreach, including better social networking strategies. We also seek to create a better communicative infrastructure to help chapters, while ensuring reliable project heads to help guide volunteer actions in large endeavors.

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Zeitgeist Day 2016 - Los Angeles

ZDAY 2016 Los Angeles

ZDAY Group shot web


The 2016 Zeitgeist Day event for Los Angeles was held March 26th at the Veteran's Memorial Complex in Culver City, CA.  This day long event included presentations from local chapter members on aspects of the Movement's tenets, as as well as exhibits and displays to engage attendees in learning about social problems, root causes and the great many changes that have happened over the last 100 years.

Videos from ZDAY events around the world can be found on the TZM Official Youtube Channel.

Billionaire Worried by AI, Unemployment and Social Warfare

Multi-Billionaire Johann Rupert, CEO of luxury giant Richemont, speaking at the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit in 2015, takes a stance against the growing wealth gap calling it 'unfair' and 'unsustainable' and urges people to read the books "Robots Will Steal Your Job" and "Humans Need Not Apply".  He expresses his concern that the next wave of unemployment brought by Artificial intelligence and automation is going to cause social rejection from the majority of the world suffering while so few live well.

Full talk by Rupert:


Zeitgeist Media Festival 2015 - Main Event Wrapup

Australia Main Event Wrap-up

The lead up was full on. The program was tight. The sound equipment was always going to pose challenges. And the Brisbane chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement mastered all challenges, learned many valuable lessons on the way and put on an event that will be long remembered as fun and chilled-out while also being informative and carrying a powerful message of empowerment.


The day began with the setup of the venue. What a strange feeling to be at the iconic Rumpus Room in the heart of West End at 9.30am! We moved seats and tables, put up fabric across windows to display art and set up the creative corner and workshop tables with art supplies. Blu Tack was in high demand. We set up a clothes drive outside for all those people who were in need. All the while the tech team was busy sorting out cables, leads, stands, speakers and and and… it was a great feeling to make the venue our own!

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Capitalism Has A Timetable

Chris Hedges: ‘The system of global capitalism is breaking down’

hedges1of1 "The system of global capitalism is breaking down. It is no longer able to expand the way it did in the past. It has consolidated wealth into the hands of a tiny, global, oligarchic elite.

More importantly, the ideological foundation of unfettered, unlimited capitalism is losing its hold on the imagination of large numbers of people who are not benefiting from this global system. And you see it in terms of people turning against their political elites.

For example, the approval rating for the U.S. Congress is in the single digits, and voter turnout is at all-time lows. That there is something seismic happening below the surface is undeniable. When it will play out, how it will play out, what it will look like – having covered these things in the past – it is impossible to predict."

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Earning a Living on a Living Planet

Can we earn a living on a living planet?

ConstructionSome of the values TZM advocates is a society with less economic inequality and more dignified work that contributes to the greater good and is safe from toxins and hazards. We want the material basis of economic prosperity and the ecological bounty required to thrive—clean water and air, fertile soil and wholesome food.

We want our children to flourish, their bodies to grow strong and healthy, with full voices and laughter. We want our elders to be honored and treasured. We want vibrant communities of art, creativity, song, and learning.

We want less toil and more rest. We want the weekend and a few more weekdays to delight in one another and care for the young, the old, and those in need. We want time to care for the earth, to be generous stewards and protectors of the commons, passing it on undiminished to future generations..  This is the basis of an NL/RBE.

This piece is inspired from a February article published by the Post Carbon Institute which explores this question:

TZM Education Launched

TZME BANNER1260by240px

TZM Education Project: The purpose of TZME is to enable supporters of a natural law resource based economic model (NLRBE) to understand and appreciate the need to approach the education system in an effort to initiate the value shift required for a more peaceful and sustainable future to emerge.

This project is headed up by TZM UK member James Phillips who is a music teacher in the UK.  He has developed a website & resources to help TZM advocates/supporters/chapters approach activism in education and schools.

He has resources for ages: 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20.  And also how to approach teachers.

To find out more visit:

What Do You Propose?

What Do You Propose?

Three Questions from the Zeitgeist Movement's founder

The Three Questions: (please watch video before answering the below as the premise is explained as in great detail. )

1) Given the market economy requires consumption in order to maintain demand for human employment and further economic growth as needed, is there a structural incentive to reduce resource use, biodiversity loss, the global pollution footprint and hence assist the ever-increasing need for improved ecological sustainability in the world today?

2) In an economic system where companies seek to limit their production costs (“cost efficiency”) in order to maximize profits and remain competitive against other producers, what structural incentive exists to keep human beings employed, in the wake of an emerging technological condition where the majority of jobs can now be done more cheaply and effectively by machine automation?

3) In an economic system which inherently generates class stratification and overall inequity, how can the effects of “Structural Violence” - a phenomenon noted by public health researchers to kill well over 18 million a year, generating a vast range of systemic detriments such as behavioral, emotional and physical disorders – be minimized or even removed as an effect?

Can you resolve these three questions/problems logically without realizing the need to remove the Market Economy?

If so: Make a video and email it to us:
media @

Read more: What Do You Propose?

From Social Symptom to Root Cause

From Social Symptom to Root Cause

An 8-part presentation about the Zeitgeist Movement

By James Phillips

This series was inspired by the 2013 ZDAY event in London, in which all but the introductory talk featured organizations exterior to TZM, and all of which wish to improve a particular social/environmental issue that is partially aligned with the Movement’s materials. The reason for this approach was twofold.

Firstly, was to work with and showcase the great work being done by these organizations in their efforts to shift the cultural zeitgeist in a more positive direction.

And secondly, was to underscore the importance for the need of a long-term aim to address the underlying causality binding these symptomatic issues together, by moving to an entirely new socioeconomic model that is designed to solve these interconnected issues at their root.


Hands image

There is indeed no shortage of well-intentioned social & humanitarian activist groups and charities attempting to address social issues. However, despite their admirable intentions they are either unaware of, do not mention, or do not appreciate the need to shift to a new model designed to address the reason for the existence of the problems they are trying to solve. This is to unwittingly perpetuate the problem in question rather than resolve it through no fault of their own.

Our hope is that if these groups (who clearly care enough to act) could appreciate this point and then perhaps see the need to advocate an NL/RBE (natural law resource based economy) as a long term goal, while still promoting their particular cause as an important stepping stone in the journey of transition. 

This would undoubtedly be a big step in the right direction and is the principal purpose of this series. To put forward the need to move from addressing social symptoms to the root cause of these detrimental and interconnected effects.

The titles of each of the 8 parts in this series, along with a brief synopsis, and the sources for each of these presentations will follow in dedicated blog installments.

Read more: From Social Symptom to Root Cause

Ephemeralization - Doing More With Less

The term Ephemeralization was coined by R. Buckminster Fuller and based on observation of technological trends:


Presented at the June 2014 Zeitgeist Movement Townhall in Los Angeles, Jaeson Cooper speaks about the concept of "Ephemeralization", which generally means to do more with less. This short talk covers current observations in technological advancements and the decreasing distribution times from introduction to total adoption of everyday technologies from the first telephone to current mobile apps. 

Zeitgeist Movement App on iTunes

Official Zeitgeist Movement App on iTunes

iTunes app button The official app of The Zeitgeist Movement is now in the iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad.* 
What can you do with the app?
Find local chapters and members, see the schedule of events, and view the latest content from all of the official Zeitgeist Movement outlets, including chapters, The Zeitgeist Media Project, the radio show, video channel, social media, blog, and more.
The app is FREE
* The Android version will be coming out soon.

TZM Defined Book Published!


The Zeitgeist Movement Defined is the official, representative text of the global, non-profit sustainability advocacy organization known as The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM).

This tediously sourced and highly detailed work argues for a large-scale change in human culture, specifically in the context of economic practice. The dominant theme is that the current socioeconomic system governing the world at this time has severe structural flaws, born out of primitive economic and sociological assumptions originating in our early history, where the inherent severity of these flaws went largely unnoticed.

However, in the early 21st century, these problems have risen prominently, taking the consequential form of increasing social destabilization and ongoing environmental collapse. Yet, this text is not simply about explaining such problems and their root causality - It is also about posing concrete solutions, coupled with a new perspective on social/environmental sustainability and efficiency which, in concert with the tremendous possibility of modern technology and a phenomenon known as ephemeralization, reveals humanity's current capacity to create an abundant, post-scarcity reality.

While largely misunderstood as being "utopian" or fantasy, this text walks through, step by step, the train of thought and technical industrial reordering needed to update our global society (and its values) to enable these profound new possibilities. While this text can be read strictly from a passive perspective, it was created also to be used as an awareness or activist tool. The Zeitgeist Movement, which has hundreds of chapters across dozens of countries and is perhaps the largest activist organization of its kind, hopes those interested in this direction will join the movement in global solidarity and assist in the culmination of this new social model, for the benefit of the whole of humanity.

Note: This text is produced for sale in paperback and proprietary ebook form only at the exact cost of publishing and nothing more. It is a non-profit text which is also available for open, non-commercial distribution in whatever form, as protected by its associated Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International). This work may also be viewed online for free at TZM's global website.

If you find a Typo, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more: TZM Defined Book Published!

TZM BOINC Project - New Website

BOINC logo


As part of our continuing campaign to support the eradication of Malaria and other infectious diseases we have now added two more infectious diseases we can help eradicate. Polio and Guinea Worm are two infectious diseases on the verge of eradication. Visit to find out how you can help our global campaign to eradicate these three horrible diseases. Eradicating these diseases will make the transition to a resource based economic model easier and faster.

Disease Eradication

Eradication is the reduction of an infectious disease's prevalence in the global host population to zero. It is sometimes confused withelimination, which describes either the reduction of an infectious disease's prevalence in a regional population to zero, or the reduction of the global prevalence to a negligible amount. Further confusion arises from the use of the term eradication to refer to the total removal of a given pathogen from an individual (also known as clearance of an infection), particularly in the context of HIV and certain other viruses where such cures are sought.

Why is The Zeitgeist Movement interested in infectious disease eradication?

Eradication of infectious disease is a priority for the transition. It provides a permanent solution to one of the largest causes of poverty in our global society. It provides large scale free health care by preventing people from ever getting these diseases again. It frees up resources to be redirected in helping other areas of society such as cancer research.  In 2012 TZM had 5200 members join the BOINC team and help finish the AQUA@home Quantum Computing project. The Quantum Computing System has already been used to further research in protein folding which affects a number of diseases.



3rd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival

Banner ZMF 2013

Uniting the World through the Power of Art!

Come join us for this landmark festival at Avalon Hollywood, Sunday August 4th, from 3pm-11pm and experience a multi-media, socially conscious extravaganza featuring live music, comedy, short films, performance art, speakers and art gallery.

This year’s festival features a bonanza of talent  including Violin Virtuoso Lili Haydn, RT’s Abby Martin of ‘Breaking the Set’, ‘Zeitgeist’ Filmmaker and recent hit Black Sabbath Video Director Peter Joseph; Emmy Winning Comedian Rick Overton, Savvy Spoken Word/Comedian and Chart-Topping Songwriter IN Q, Famed Muralist Mear One, Dazzling Performance Painter Norton Wisdom, World-Renowned Opera Singer and Civil Rights Leader KB Solomon, 'Epic-Step' DJ Phenom The Siren, Best-Selling Author of 'The Game' and Writer for Rolling Stone, New York Times Neil Strauss, Grammy Winning Singer/Songwriter Gary Nicholson, Counter-Culture bands Hierosonic, (i am) isis, and Lillian’s Rose plus many more.

THE place for Socially Conscious Entertainment and Community!




Partners for the 2013 Zeitgeist Media Festival Include: 

KPFK, Green Party CA, Free & Equal, Leaders Causing Leaders, LA Food Bank, Good Planet Media, The People’s Voice, Project Peace on Earth, Onelov, Safe Passage, Source Spiritual Center,The Zeitgeist Movement, Holigent, Soul Based Living

Can you travel around the world without money?


A 44-year-old Irishman is attempting the journey without a dollar in his pocket.

Colin Turner believes a world without money is "not just possible", but "preferable and urgently necessary for humanity to progress".  He stated that, "For the first time in history, we have the skills and resources to create abundance in the world, eradicate scarcity and all its associated suffering through the effective use of technology."

"For example, right now, we could build an entirely automated farm in a famine-stricken area, to feed thousands of people, if we didn't have to think about cost, but instead just decided to do it.

"We don't need money to create a futuristic and abundant society, we just need to have the vision and to start working together to make it happen," Mr Turner said.

The Dubliner acknowledges the influence of Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist movement and Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project in the development of his own philosophy.  Colin is also the creator of the Free World Charter, a statement of principles that has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

Read More

TZM Germany presents "Economic Calculation in an RBE"

EconomicCalculationRBE bannerTZM founder Peter Joseph will be visiting Berlin, Germany on November 12, 2013 to deliver a presentation entitled “Economic Calculation in a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy”.

This advanced presentation will answer questions related to the economic feasibility of a “post-scarcity” modeled socioeconomic system, as proposed by The Zeitgeist Movement, delving into exactly how resource management, allocation, sustainability protocols and other critical factors are calculated, along with the nature of social participation.

This work Stands in stark contrast to the current “proxy” management process known as the price/profit system (Ludwig von Mises) and the traditional market practice of competing businesses and general exploitation, a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy follows a train of thought which arrives at an improved mode of economic unfolding which can structurally assure both environmental and cultural sustainability, while alleviating enormous levels of stress both with respect to our personal well-being and with respect to our global ecological footprint as a species.

This new approach is about taking a direct technical orientation to social and economic management as opposed to a monetary or political one, with public health given the most critical importance. It is about updating the workings of society to the most advanced and proven methods science and technology have to offer, leaving behind the damaging consequences and limiting inhibitions which are generated by our current system of monetary exchange.


This event will be organized and hosted by the Berlin chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement.



Zeitgeist Day 2013 Success!

5th Annual "Zeitgeist Day" Success! Congratulations to all Chapters!

Five hours of video from "Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability" is now online.

(Watch Playlist Now )

Zday Speakers
Zday Speakers at this year's Main Event
The 2013 Zeitgeist Day (aka Zday) global awareness weekend had hundreds of events happen in multiple countries & languages across the world on March 16th & 17th.  This social/cultural event was themed "Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability" with a focus on expressing the Movement's train-of-thought for public understanding and the evolving of cultural values.

Griffith HollywoodThe Main Event happened from 2 - 9pm at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood, CA in front of a sold out crowd of 300 attendees and 8000 webcast viewers.  11 presentations were given during the course of the day by speakers from Italy, UK, Canada and the US.  Along with displays on technological unemployment, inflation & hyperinflation, zeitgeist chapters and exhibits like ET3's mock-up mag-lev train compartment and early Global Redesign Institute visualizations.
Presentations ranged from a History of Economic Thought to System's Theory, Social Values present and future, the "Case for Unity" for humanity, Technology, The Transition to a NL/RBE (a Natural Law/Resource Base Economic Model), and much more.  All 11 presentations plus the 1-hour Q&A Panel discussion are all posted on TZM's YouTube Channel.
Barnsdall Hall Full - TZM logoIn addition to the Main Event in Los Angeles there where 100's of mirrored events worldwide. They took many shapes and forms from simple internet presentations, to public park meetings, to bannering events.  The point is that a global effort occurred centered around the conversation "Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability" and defining the Zeitgeist Movement's train-of-thought.  For a map of events that took place jump over to the main Zday website For a printed version of the information presented at the main event you can download TZM's Orientation Guide (click here to download PDF) or visit the HTML version at
If you're interested in helping get this information out into the public please look into a local chapter near you, or if you have the time and desire, start a chapter in your area and become part of the larger network.
Main Event Photo Gallery: Click HERE

Zday Events in California for 2013

One of the main goals of Zeitgeist Day (Zday) is to increase public awareness of the solutions available to most social problems by utilizing the scientific method, technology and finding balance with the laws of nature to thrive in a sustainable way..
Below is a list of Events in California happening March 16th & 17th, 2013
Zday Main Event
Zday Social Event 
Palm Springs Banner Activism
Zday Palm Springs
Zday OC
Zday San Diego
Zday SF
 See the full world map of events at
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The Zeitgeist Movement Defined

We are proud to release Part I of the new TZM Orientation Guide.  This guide is the culmination of many sources and ideas that have evolved since the methods of scientific discovery have emerged.  This is Part I of IV and is being released as a series of essays which cover The Scientific Worldview, Sourcing Solutions, Logic vs Psychology, The Case for Human Unity, and The Final Argument: Human Nature.  Please note that this Guide is actively under development with the other 3 sections to be released as they are completed.
Download PDF version here:  TZM Orientation Essays 1 - 11

Zeitgeist Day 2013 Main Event

Sunday March 17th, 2013 at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Los Angeles

Live Webcast starts at 2pm (Pacific Time)

The 2013 symposium entitled “Realizing Human Progress & Sustainability” will address the most pressing social issues of our time with presentations from social activist Peter Joseph, author Federico Pistono, Former NASA Engineer Douglas Mallette and more.

This daylong event will also showcase speakers covering current understandings in the areas of: Human Values, Monetary Economics, Applied Science, Technological Unemployment and Environmental Sustainability. There will be Q & A sessions with the audience, a live webcast and exhibits that demonstrate applied technology to meet human need.


Main Event Speakers

Z-Day2013 Program Inside

 Zday Official Website:
Zeitgeist Day (ZDAY for short) occurs annually with 100s of parallel events in over 60 countries. The goal of ZDAY is to increase public awareness to the solutions available by utilizing the scientific method for social concern as advocated by The Zeitgeist Movement.

One Planet Project in Delhi

 The One Planet Project carried out by Zeitgeist Delhi members
to spread awareness about the Resource Based Economic Model




A beautifully busy Sunday in the bustling capital of a bustling India, we simply had to be on the streets! - One Planet Project, New Delhi

As a culture, India loves to talk and share ideas. Given our population, finding people to discuss ideas with is one thing we never have to worry about. So we picked a specific target group, time, and place. And the rest was easy!

One Planet Project was conducted in the hubbub of a posh marketplace on a Sunday, the day that people from the middle-and-upper-middle class (the
social intelligencia, if you will) chose for relaxing, surrounded by the good things in life.

The idea was to provoke them to think by asking a few basic yet important questions about their life and world. Using a questionnaire based on intriguing statistics about India and the globe, we got our audiences “thinking without being directly pushed”. This was an approach led by pure inspiration, thanks to which people got interactive and proactive, seeking additional information on their own from our team.

25 questionnaires, 50 people, an 80-20 interest ratio and a few curious onlookers later, here’s what we found:

As a people, Indians are fairly aware of world events. Compared to the West, the media here is more open and free, in spite of having its fair share of propaganda. The Indian youth are increasingly aware of current issues, while the general public takes a keen interest in national and global affairs, from economics and politics to international diplomacy. Even as we speak, our country is in the midst of India Against Corruption, a nationwide anti-corruption movement on the lines of (but not identical to) Occupy.

Such factors made discussions on social and economic issues easier. But like any culture, we have our shortcomings too. While concepts of religion, capitalism and nationalism pose some obstacles to the free flow of information and ideas, the biggest problem that stares us in the face is apathy, or general lack of interest! Perhaps this is due to the indifference that comes from facing century after century of oppression, or having a strong connection to Eastern Mysticism whereby human suffering and social ills could be justified as fate. In other words, getting people to care is and will be our biggest challenge.

Ironically, this challenge gets even bigger because of how supposedly well our economy is doing. People have jobs, industries are growing, demand for skilled labor is rising, and we’re all making decent money. (Well, some classes are.) The overall sentiments here are very different from those of the West, because things are still looking good to our average middle-class urban TV-watcher.

Look at how India has unfolded over the last two centuries. Ever since the so-called economic reforms of 1991, the rich and the middle-class have done increasingly well and the future economy looks more and more robust, while the poor are only getting poorer. This ‘perceived prosperity’ paints an unjustly rosy picture for India’s educated class. The result is a complete absence of the ‘perceived urgency for change’.

The core ills of the current system are yet to dawn upon the masses in their entirety. That’s where we come in – for awareness, for inspiration, for change.  And change has begun.

TZM Delhi, India

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2012 - Live Webcast

From the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, CA

Sunday August 5th, 2012  4pm - 11pm (Pacific) -8GMT

 The Mission of The Zeitgeist Media Festival is to foster a global awareness, through artistic expression, that we all share the same basic needs; to understand we are truly One Family sharing One Habitat and that our world views, and hence social approach, should reflect this fundamental Global Perspective.”

"In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function,
art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it."
--Ernst Fischer

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2012

August 5th, 2012 | 4pm - 11pm
The Avalon Theatre Hollywood

The annual "Zeitgeist Media Festival" (ZMF) combines live music, short films, art and comedy around the ethos that we are One Species sharing One Planet and it is time the world learns to work together for the betterment of all.

The Inaugural Event for the annual Zeitgeist Media Festival occurred in 2011 with over 40 events occurring across 20 countries. The Main Event in Hollywood with an 8-hour packed program that was also viewed via live webcast by over 150,000 people.

This year the Media Festival's main event will be at the famous Avalon Theater. This is an At-cost Event!

Get Tickets Here

Performer & Speaker Highlights!

Lili Haydn 006  sussan deyhim 275  marianne-williamson 

Lili Haydn- violin virtuoso
Sussan Deyhim- world famous Sufi singer, composer
Marianne Williamson- international best-selling author & lecturer
James Cromwell- actor/producer "Admissions"
Rutger Hauer- actor/producer "Requiem 2019"
Tim Kring- Emmy nominated TV writer "Heroes", "Touch", "Knight Rider"
Cofield Mundi- chart topping singer & songwriter
Ash Ruiz- formerly of Latin-sensation band
Here II Here & new solo artist
Duncan Bridgeman- producer of world famous music doc "1 Giant Leap"
Rick Overton- award-winning comedian/actor
Norton Wisdom- famed performance painter
Master Zero- underground favorite performance artist
Peter Joseph- "Zeitgeist" film series creator, Zeitgeist Movement founder
Steve Robertson- "Peace Concert" founder/producer
J Brave of the Luminaries
Ernest Chapman
Katie Goodman
Lillian's Rose
Rob Herring
Ted Z & the Wranglers

Short Film Screenings

james cromwell  TimKring  rutger.hauer

"Requiem 2019"- Rutger Hauer & Stefan Frost
"Touch" - Tim Kring
"Admissions"- James Cromwell
"The Thief" - Micah Buzan
"Love Project"- Lenni Semmeloink
"Life, land, and justice in Uganda"-Jason Taylor
"Natabar Sarang"- Jason Taylor
"A Shifting Culture"- Jason Taylor
"Eyefilm"- Milos Paripovic
"The Fear of Freedom"- Jean Studler
"Silent Seas"-Leandro Bento
"The Phobia of relativity"- Joao Meirinhos
"Waking up Forest"- Sando
"Shadows"- Houssam Haddad
"Spirit of the Times"- Ryan Reeves
"Samsara" Mark Magedson
"Vanishing Bees"George Langworthy
"American Drug War II"- Kevin Booth
"1 Giant Leap" - Duncan Bridgeman

zmf header

Events Happening World Wide Aug 3rd, 4th, 5th

A Short Video from TZM Taiwan

An activism initiative from the Zeitgeist Movement chapter of Taiwan

The CC feature in YouTube will display the english translation.

Quote from the video: "I believe that caring about, and then changing the misfortune and hardship of the world is the responsibilty of every human being on Earth..."  This is a great example of how people express these ideas by creating a form of communication of their own, crossing the national, cultural and language barriers that keep the world separated.

Zeitgeist The Movie - Remastered

ZTM DVDsmalllComplete Film from 2007 with 2012 Color Update/Text Quality Improvement - Direct from Peter Joseph. The first of The Zeitgeist Trilogy.

The original Zeitgeist was actually not a "film", but a performance piece, which consisted of a vaudevillian style multi-media event using recorded music, live instruments and video. The event was given over a 6-night period in New York City and then, without any interest to professionally release or produce the work, was "tossed" up on the Internet arbitrarily. The work was never designed as a film or even a documentary in a traditional sense - it was designed as a creative, provoking, emotionally driven expression, full of artistic extremity and heavily stylized gestures.

However, once online, an unexpected flood of interest began to generate. Within 6 months over 50 Million views were recorded on Google Video counters (before they were reset for some reason). The current combined estimates put the number of Internet views at over 100 million as of 2009. Suddenly "Zeitgeist" the event, became "Zeitgeist: The Movie".

Scaled Model of a Circular City at San Diego Zday 2012


As part of this year's Zday events, a member of the San Diego chapter created a scaled model of a circular city, based on an artistic rendering by Jacque Fresco.  This years display helped to give an in-person view for event attendees during a short Q&A discussion.  The most notable question being asked "How do we get from here to there?"

San Diego Chapter Site

Culture In Decline: Premiering in July

What do you get when George Carlin meets Carl Sagan?


From the creator of the Zeitgeist Film Series comes the dumbest reality show of all time: The Real One

Culture In Decline will be a free, online monthly show hosted by Peter Joseph that will take a satirical approach to serious issues.
Featuring live public interviews coupled with challenging vignettes

Please follow us through Facebook/Twitter/Youtube to stay up-to-date on the world online premiere

Coming July 2012

Copyright ©2012

TZM Announces the "One Planet Project"

Join hundreds of chapters around the world in engaging the public!

opp photo

Kick off weekend May 12th and 13th!

The ONE PLANET PROJECT is a simple campaign that engages each local community head-on and creates a easy platform for open communication and education about our current world problems, which we all face as a global community, and how we can create the cultural understanding of what a sustainable society looks like!

Ecuador, Chile, Canada, Paraguay and many other countries around the world, the ONE PLANET PROJECT is spreading the message to thousands worldwide!


Get involved through your local chapter (Click here for Chapters)

For details, map, toolkit and more visit TZM's:


(Addtional FAQ Here)

TEDxOjai - Peter Joseph - The Big Question

This is the 2nd TEDx event that Peter Joseph has been invited to speak at.  Along with founding the Zeitgeist Movement, he spent much of 2010/2011 giving lectures and helping to produce relevant media/materials to spread the interest for a new social system.

In this talk, Peter Joseph examines todays economy and reflects our environmental misalignment and the value war.

Z-Day Los Angeles Webcast

Webcast of Zeitgeist Day Los Angeles 2012
From the University of Southern California


Introduction by Eva & Shar:

Elisa & Nicholas Frank of Holigent:

Jason Lord "A Perfect Storm":

Joe Alexopoulous "A MAD Economy":

Brandon Kristy "The Lifeground":

Jen Wilding "Communicating RBE Concepts":


 Saturday, March 10th From 12pm - 6pm (Pacific Time)

Z-Day in California 2012

ZDay2012 blk

Zeitgeist Day (Zday) is an annual global event that occurs in the middle of March each year.  Zday is about generating global interest, support and awareness for a sustainable social system for all the world's people in the most technically and socially-responsible manner possible, mainly through scientific unfolding.  There are many events happening around the globe (see  Click the link below to find information for Zday Events throughout California.

Z-Day Events in CA

As one of the most pivotal awareness actions we conduct, ZDAY has historically been a great public awareness success with an average of 350 events occurring across 60 countries each year since 2009. These events are put on by volunteers and are usually free events. Many incur costs for venues, materials, printing, etc.. If you're unable to attend a Zday event this year but wish to contribute to our efforts, please donate through these secure, per-project, donation widgets on this page.

Help Support Z-Day - Click Here!

Radio France Internationale - Interview

community3Tapping Into the Zeitgeist Movement

In Dec 2011 Radio France Internationale interviewed a member of The Zeitgeist Movement.  Ms. Benoite Burge gives a consice breakdown of what the Movement advocates and why the socieconomic system doesn't seem to be working on a global scale.  {ympr}images/stories/mediabar/RFI_Benoite_Burge_2_12.mp3,Click to Listen{/ympr}

"ZFest" Event in Tel Aviv

tzm telaviv

On February 6th 2012 (7:30am Pacific Time), The Zeitgeist Movement Israel will host a Global Awareness Event in Tel Aviv, Israel in the context of Human Sustainability and World Peace.

On the heels of what appears to be an accelerating intent for military intervention in Iran from the United States and it allies, along with the world's major powers rapidly increasing armament developments in the midst of growing social destabilization, resource depletion and economic breakdown, The Zeitgeist Movement, a worldwide sustainability advocacy group working without borders or countries will be conducting a conference on the increasingly important issues of global cooperation and the means to obtain peace and human prosperity for the long term.

This now sold out event will be streamed live online for free via Ustream:

Zday 2012

Zday Main EventTickets for the Main Event in Vancouver

As one of the most pivotal awareness actions we conduct, ZDAY has historically been a great public awareness success with an average of 350 events occurring across 60 countries each year since 2009.  Each year, one location is set for a central focus and this event tends to be the largest and most noted in the Media. Free Live Webcasts occurring as well.

Students Seek Social Revolution

A group of High School students self-formed a Zeitgeist Movement Club at the El Camino Real Charter High School after seeing Zeitgeist Addendum and Moving Forward.  They found the LA Chapter through ZMCA.  They are now active with getting announcements out to the school's "morning address" for the entire school regarding our information.  This article was published in their local school paper, The King's Courier, on November 30th, 2011 as a result of their efforts to bring this information to the student body.


Click image to zoom & read full article

Peter Joseph on Russia Today | Money, Debt, & RBE

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From  "...with all of the problems in the world today, how do people begin to think about, let alone implement solutions that can improve their lives and those of others in society? Economists like Steve Keen support debt jubilees, others like Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul support sound money as the solution, but what about something more radical? What about getting grid of money, profit and competition all together? Well, Peter Joseph, author of the Zeitgeist series, believes that society can evolve to do just that. He joins us during the show to talk about the role of debt, the monetary system, and social norms that encourage what he views as inefficient and destructive behavior that does more harm for society than good."

Hypocritial Science Denialism in TZM


I have science-related debates with fellow Zeitgeist supporters on a regular basis. Many of us are avid and knowledgeable advocates of science, as it should be. However, when you mix science and counter-culture activism working against the establishment, there almost necessarily will be a demographic of science denialists floating around as well. Sadly, this is an embarrassing self-contradiction for the Zeitgeist Movement as we promote science above everything else as the way to align ourselves with the natural world, so let's try to nip these individuals in the bud through our favorite form of social persuasion: education.


Webcast of the October Townhall at USC

Part I of the October Los Angeles Townhall at
the University of Southern California

Presentations for this Townhall:
Towhhall Introductions - Eva Omori & Sharleen Bazeghi

ZM Global Website v2.0 Online


After many months of design, layout, content research and platform tests, the new ZM Global website is online and active!

The new site has been re-designed to focus the visitor on the most relevant projects and news relating to The Zeitgeist Movement. Please visit to quickly familiarize yourself with the new interface and its difference from the old website.

The forums have been dropped for many reasons, one being that it was detracting from the necessary information of the knowledgebase, lectures, and other educational materials that contain most of the information that the Movement advocates.

Participation in the Movement can take many forms, from personal actions, or in an official chapter or on a project team

Peter Joseph speaks to thousands at OccupyLA

Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, spoke to a large crowd at the October 15th OccupyLA march.  Many listened intently as protesters & supporters gathered a few blocks away and marched up to the steps of City Hall were Peter was invited to speak around 1pm.   Hopefully more such engagements will happen as Occupy Wall Street evolves.

Ben McLeish Interview about TZM


Ben McLeish Interview from UpStream Productions

San Diego's September Town Hall

Part 1 of San Diego's first Town Hall Meeting

This is part one of a series of videos recorded on September 23rd at the Joyce Beers Community Center as part of the ongoing Town Hall series of events happening monthly around the world.

Monterey Chapter Street Activism Video


The Monterey Chapter took on some street activism at their local farmers market this September.  Another great example of engaging people with thoughtful questions and introducing the public to the Movement!

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2011

Sept 9th - 11th Around The World!

Live Video Coming Soon


The Zeitgeist Media Festival Main Event will Occur at:

The Music Box
6126 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Sept 11th 2011, 2pm
Available at the door!


The Zeitgeist Media Festival is partnering with the LA Foodbank to pair in a Food Drive to help the many homeless and suffering people in Los Angeles. 

Approx 2000lbs of food was donated at the LA Event!

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2011 - August Update


The countdown continues for the First Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival - a global, multi-media event working to utilize the Arts as a medium of sharing and creating sustainable values in the pursuit of a better world.

Since antiquity, the Arts have been a powerful catalyst in the development of the "Zeitgeist" of the time. It is the Arts that continually work to challenge common beliefs; initiate progress and it is no wonder that many of the greatest thinkers and scientists in history gave tremendous credence to its power and utility.


The Main Event for the Zeitgeist Media Festival will occur on Sept 11th 2011 (2pm) at the MUSIC BOX in HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA.

This not-for-profit, 8 hour, jam packed creative expression featuring Music, Visual & Interactive Art, Poetry, Comedy, Theatrics and many other mediums is also a Regional Food Drive for the growing poverty phenomenon occurring in LA county.




This event features socially conscious artistic power-houses such as famed Guitar Legend Billy Gibbons, World Musician Natacha Atlas, Violin Virtuoso Lili Haydn, Ben Stewart's Hierosonic, the social comedy of Rick Overton (MC) and Lee Camp and much much more.

Also, apart from the main stage performances, a special 3000 sq. ft Rooftop Garden which will house fine art, video and more music is also being constructed by LA's "Dream Circus" as a place to meet and network with other socially conscious creative minds.

*The Music Box is a relatively small venue so those interested in attending this event are encourage to acquire tickets soon. Otherwise, the entire ZMF LA MAIN Event will be webcast live for free as well for those who can't make it. (This information will be posted soon.)

Note: In addition to your Ticket, all attendees are required to bring a small canned/sealed food donation for the LA Food Drive.

Here are recommended items for the Food Drive:
Canned Vegetables
Vegetable Juice
Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti Sauce
Canned Fruit (in its own juice)
Fruit Juice (100%)
Shelf-stable Fruit Cups
Canned Tuna
Canned Salmon
Canned Beef Stew
Canned Beans
Peanut Butter
Hot cereals
Whole Grain Crackers
Whole Wheat Pasta
Low Sugar/High Fiber Cereal
Whole grain rice
Dry Milk

Recommended Personal Care Items:
Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
Shaving Cream

The parallel global events are being updated on the website as they become finalized. A short list can be found here:

From Canada to London to Israel, there has been a great interest in turning this socially conscious event into something never seen before. We are expecting over 70 parallel events to occur and each Event will also support their local Food Banks and work to help their local regions.

Regional Events:

Anchorage, Alaska:

Canada (main):

Portland OR:

Canada (Calgary, Alberta):

London, UK:

Bagnolet, France:


Chicago, IL:

New York City, NY:

Indianapolis, IN:

Brisbane, Australia:

Nitra, Slovakia:

Vancouver, BC:

Toronto, CA:

Alton, Hampshire:

*If you have an event you are planning, please contact us with all details as soon as you can. We apologize to those who have done so but have not had their event posted online as of yet. We are updating. ;)

If you wish to follow this Global Event's progress on Facebook, please see this new page:

More Updates Soon!

In Solidarity for a better world,

Sacramento Street Talk Series


As part of our min-video project about money and happiness, we interviewed over 20 people during the Sacramento 2nd Saturday event. Check out the complete video here. Be on the look out for our next production, and make plans to participate in next month‘s 2nd Saturday Street Activism event. See more photos here.

The Zeitgeist Media Festival



Recognizing the power of art and media to help change the world, "The Zeitgeist Media Festival" engages the artistic community and their power to changes values. It proposes that needed changes in the structural/economic workings of society can only manifest in tandem with a personal/social transformation of values in each of us. While intellectual knowledge serves its role of showing the path, many in the world follow their feelings- not the knowledge. The Zeitgeist Media Festival hopes to bridge those levels, while also illuminating a focus where changing and improving the world is no longer considered a fringe, suspect or ever dangerous pursuit.... but rather the highest and most honorable level of personal/social integrity we have. Many seem to forget that the world society as it exists was created by us... and we can change it anytime we want.

Participating in The Media Festival does not mean each event must meet some strict requirement of focus. However, participation does require that each act understand and agree with a general train of thought with respect to human and social sustainability and the self-evident factors that comprise a Global View of Earth as a single system and how that relates to our Human Family.

Charity Food Drive:
The Zeitgeist Media Festival is partnering with The Temple of Conscious Giving of LA and the LA Food Bank to pair in a Food Drive to help the many homeless and suffering people in Los Angeles. Likewise, the entire global event set is encouraged to conduct similar resource based drives for those in need across the world. More on this program and how you can help will be posted soon.

The Global Event period will take place on the weekend of Sept 9th to the 11th in 2011.
Los Angeles Main Event : Sept. 11th 2011, 2pm to 10pm
Location: The Music Box []

This is a Non-Profit/ At Cost Event, where the ticket cost reflects the expenditure of the event itself. As based on prior events, we expect a sold out LA event of roughly 1000 people. We feel this could be expanded to thousands more, but prefer to keep it small for this Main Event. Note: Apart from the Ticket, all attendees are required to bring a small canned/sealed food donation for the LA Food Drive.

A Submission form/process for events will be posted on this site very soon. A temp email is now available on the submit page.
[ Last Update: June 20, '11]

TZM Townhall - Los Angeles



The Zeitgeist Movement's Townhall Meeting is a community forum for the public to engage the Movement's founder and coordinators about root-cause understandings to social problems, and the solutions we advocate culminating in what can be termed a 'global, resource-based economic model.' 

Our premier Townhall is hosted by the director of the Zeitgeist Film Series, Peter Joseph, along with Movement coordinators for the US and California.   July 19th from 7-9pm at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA.  Webcasting worldwide on - Free to the public. Seating is limited.

Live Ustream Webcast:

Video from the first Townhall meeting in June 2011 - Venice, CA


Video from the 2nd Townhall meeting in July 2011 - Venice, CA

Townhall Meetings - Global




The Zeitgeist Movement's Townhall Meetings are live, public events conducted by Official Regional Chapters. These localized events are similar in function to our annual global "Zeitgeist Day" [ZDAY] events but ideally occur monthly, rather than annually. Modeled after patterns proven effective by civil right's movements historically, the goal is to inform the public of TZM's understandings and goals and hence grow awareness and membership.

While annual events such as "ZDAY" and TZM Media Festival are critical annual Chapter events for public awareness in a large scale context, these local, smaller monthly events serve to provide a more grassroots, personal engagement, working to create regional momentum and continued interest. As denoted in TZM materials, the power of our work is only as good as the techniques we utilize to inform others of our observations and intents. While internet based activism is indeed powerful, live human interaction is critical to Chapter development and hence the goal of global critical mass. This also opens the door for more press coverage as well, which is important.

Read more: Townhall Meetings - Global

Zday 2011 Worldwide


March 12th & 13th 2011

Los Angeles | San Fransisco | Longbeach/Orange CountySan DiegoSacramentoApple Valley


“Zeitgeist Day”, or ZDAY for short, is an annual, global event day which occurs in the middle of March, each year. The goal is to increase public awareness of The Zeitgeist Movement and the necessity of the direction of a global, resource-based economy.  If you are not familiar with the tenets and goals of The Zeitgeist Movement please see the following information:

What is the Zeitgeist Movement?


For events worldwide see:


LA Premiere

 The Premiere of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward 

A night to remember! A sold out night at the Japan America Theatre downtown Los Angeles.  845 Seats and a waiting list to get in the theatre.  Artivist Film Festival organization hosting the night, interviews by KPFK, some celeb presence and local media in attendance.

This was part of an independent, volunteer effort to premiere the film in 315 theatres/venues, in 60 countries, and in 30 languages worldwide!!  Many with multiple viewings.

Opening cheers & excitement and a thunderous response to the opening scene!  I think there is a new T-shirt ready to be made!! (gotta see the film to get the joke)  2-hours and 40mins of an exploration of human/social development, behavior, monetary structure, applied science and a resource-based economy and a fabulous nod toward Monty Python mid-film!

The Q&A was preceded by Peter being greeted by a standing ovation.  As tired as he was, having gotten barely any sleep for weeks to make this global release deadline, he engaged the public in a lengthy Q&A until midnite.

Thank you to:

  • The Artivist Film Festival organization for hosting the evening.
  • KPFK board members, producers and journalists for attending and promoting ZMF!
  • The LA Chapter for pulling together an incredible amount of resources (ticket sales, will call tables, information tables, posters, banners, email forms, etc..)
  • Everyone that participated and helped out at the event
  • Video teams and artists
  • All 11 chapter coordinators in California for putting together 12 premiere screenings throughout the state.
  • Sharleen for your skills and efforts to coordinate this global release with everyone around the world
  • To friends that came to support the evening and shared in my Hollywood moment.
  • And to the film's creator, Peter Joseph, for his tireless commitment to bring these ideas to light.



Presented By: The Artivist Film Festival

Saturday, JANUARY 15th 2011 @ 7PM (Pacific Time) one showing only!
With an after-screening Q&A with the film's director: Peter Joseph

Location: The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)
Aratani Japan America Theater
244 South San Pedro St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Aratani/Japan America Theatre




ZMF screened the week of January 16th thru 20th, 2011 at the Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills, CA.  There were 12 screenings during the week with Q&A afterwards hosted by Los Angeles Chapter members.  For photos & archive see the Los Angeles Chapter website 


Laemmle's Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, 90211

Laemmle Music Hall 3




Visit the Zeitgeist Movie Official Gateway Page

Zeitgeist Moving Forward Premiere

In January of 2011 there were 341 premiere screenings around the world in 30 languages across 60 countries!


The global theatrical release of the movie turned into an unprecedented film premiere.  What started as a thought of having maybe 30 total theaters screening the film instead turned into 30 languages alone with a total count of 335 theaters in 60 countries! With multiple screenings at most of the 335 theaters, our total number of screenings is well over 1,000 world-wide. The response to the film has been huge... reports coming in of sold-out crowds in venues ranging upwards of 500-900 seat capacity.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical “life ground” attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a “Resource-Based Economy”.

One of the unique attributes of this work, which separates it in style from most documentaries, is that it has a parallel dramatic/cinematic theme, with notable actors, which abstractly plays out various gestures related to the overall message of the film. The work also vigorously employs numerous 2d and 3d visual abstracts/animations, while returning to the standard, traditional documentary orientation as the foundation.


Official Film Trailer

Screenings in California

Screening information for Zeitgeist:Moving Forward in California

Los Angeles Chapter
World Premiere of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
Aratani Japan America Theater
244 South San Pedro St. | Los Angeles, CA 90012
January 15th, 2011 | 7:00pm



Los Angeles Chapter
Laemmle Music Hall 3
9036 Wilshire Blvd | Beverly Hills, CA 90211
January 16th – 20th, 2011




San Diego Chapter
San Diego Public Library
820 E St. | San Diego, CA 92101
January 16th, 2011 | 2:00pm
Free Event! - AT CAPACITY




Long Beach Chapter &
Orange County Chapter
Art Theater
2025 East 4th St. | Long Beach, CA 90814
January 19th, 2011 | 7pm




Santa Barbara Chapter
Marjorie Luke Theater | Free Premiere
721 E Cota St. Santa Barbara, CA 93103
January 22nd, 2011 | 6:00pm – 9pm
Free Event!



 Santa Barbara Chapter
Faulkner Gallery
Inside the Santa Barbara Library
44 E. Anapamu | Santa Barbara, CA 93101
January 19th, 2011 | 6:30pm – 9:30 pm
Free Event! Donations Welcome



San Francisco Chapter
The Craneway Pavilion
1414 S. Harbour Way - Suite 1010
Richmond, CA 94804
January 16th – 21st 2011 | 7pm – 10pm



San Fransisco Chapter
Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Streets San Francisco, CA 94110
Saturday January 15th, 2011 | 8pm




  Monterey Chapter
The Alternative Cafe
1230 Fremont Blvd. | Seaside, CA. 93955
January 15th, 2011 | 7pm – 10pm
Free Event - AT CAPACITY





Sacramento Chapter
Varsity Theater
616 2nd Street | Davis, CA 95616
January 16th, 2011 | 9pm - 11:30pm




Ventura Chapter
Ojai Playhouse Theater
145 East Ojai Avenue | Ojai, CA. 93023
January 21st, 2011 | 1:30pm



Love & Faith World Outreach
9325 Palo Verde Drive
Hesperia, CA 92344
January 15th, 2011 | 1:00pm


$6 at the door

"Why I Advocate" Media Campaign


The Zeitgeist Movement's "Why I Advocate"

Media Testimonial Campaign

View Submissions

Step #1:
Create a 1-5 minute, concise expression of why you
support the need for a "Resource-Based Economy".
Feel free to include your life experience and how
you came to realize the need.

Step #2:
Upload it to a video host [i.e.] and
then post that upload on the "Media Project site."

Step #3:
Through forum interaction and team creation, the goal
is not only to have the individual videos, but to create
an hour-long "film" showing the faces of the movement
so the world can see the growing effect. More on the
film concept as the campaign unfolds.

Please see all videos on the TZM Media Project

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward



Starting January 15, 2011 over 300 groups will host theatrical screenings of the documentary “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” in 30 languages across 50 countries spanning from Mongolia to Macedonia to the United States and Canada.

This film is being distributed as a non-commercial release and is fully coordinated by volunteers of The Zeitgeist Movement, whose membership has grown to over 500,000 worldwide since its inception in the fall of 2008.

See the Global Map for screenings worldwide


*Notable screening locations: Europe; South America; USA; Canada; Mexico; Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Mongolia; India (2,000 seat venue); Turkey; Canary Islands; Al-Dehesha Refugee camp in Bethlehem; Taiwan; Japan; Israel; Slovenia; Slovakia; Croatia; Latvia; Fiji Islands; Bulgaria.

“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” is the third documentary by award-winning filmmaker Peter Joseph, founder of The Zeitgeist Movement - a social movement  that advocates transition from the current monetary system towards a global Resource-Based Economy in order to move beyond the problems of politics, crime, poverty and war.

“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” is a feature-length documentary which will present the case for why such a transition from the current social/economic paradigm is necessary by exploring Human Behavior, Monetary Economics and Applied Science.  Mr. Joseph is a two-time recipient of the Artivist Film Festival’s “Best Feature” Award for his cinematic works, which include 2007’s viral film “Zeitgeist: The Movie,” and its 2008 sequel, the award-winning “Zeitgeist: Addendum.”


Zeitgeist Movement of California (ZMCA)

Welcome to the official California chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement


The term “Zeitgeist” can be defined as: The intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. The term "movement" implies motion or change. The Zeitgeist Movement is thus a social aim that urges change in the intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time. Specifically, to values and practices that would better serve the well-being of the whole of humanity.

What TZM advocates, in short, can be phrased as: "The application of the Scientific Method for social concern", which is currently not done since the main modes of social problem-solving are through monetary economics and politics.

If you are new to The Movement or ZMCA, we highly recommend viewing Zeitgeist: Moving Forward or reading our new book - TZM Defined - to accurately understand this social direction.

Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter!

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