ZMCA - 2014 year end wrap up

2014 year in reviewAs a coordinator for a TZM chapter I often fall victim to the thought of "I'm not doing enough. I should be doing more."  While this could be cause for motivation to take on new activism & projects, it also creates a pattern of never acknowledging all the accomplishments I have completed so far. 

So at the end of each year I've held a year-in-review meeting to help wrap things up and put it all in perspective.  In my case I'm only looking at my efforts along with the California Chapter of TZM.  So this is only a glimpse into what's probably going on all over the world.

ZMCA Accomplishments of 2014:

- Active chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County/Laguna Beach, Long Beach, Humboldt County, Palm Springs, Riverside, San Jacinto

- Chapters in development: Santa Barbara, Sacramento

- website maintained and online for all of 2014 with relevant articles, newsletters, resources and artwork for all of TZM

the site garnered 177,000 visitors with 96,000 of them being unique visits during 2014 (As of Dec 7th)

- host of major a Zday event for the 6th year in a row

- host of the 4th annual Zeitgeist Media Festival

- navigated the troubled waters of people that associate with TZM but then branch off to create new movements while ad hom attacking and spending time & effort to hurt TZM and the volunteers therein.  Kept the focus and have all grown wiser for the experience.

- hosted bi-monthly meetings for CA coordinators for most of the year.  All of which can be listened to by registered users HERE

Personal accomplishments:

- assisted the transition of USA Coordination from Jen Wilding to Reba Melfa

- put $400 towards the upgrading of ZMCA and the creation of a free & stable chapter platform which is being used by several CA chapters

- presented at the 2014 Los Angeles Zday along with producing/recording/publishing media from the day

- Core member of the production team for the Zeitgeist Media Festival and put together the technical teams for video/audio/webcasts

- recorded/mixed & published audio from the 2013 media festival

- Hosted/recorded/published media for several Los Angeles TZM townhalls during the year.

- host & publish all ZMCA meetings on

- Mastered the Zeitgeist Movie soundtrack for publication

- Produced several TZM Global Radio shows during the year, as well has help monitor it's health & syndication online through iTunes, Tunein Radio and RSS.

- Helped the Orange County chapter publish their newsletters

- Helped reverse the an action of Orange County Parks shutting down the OC Chapter's activism, and got them permitted & reinstated through publishing the story online.

Ok, that should do for now.  So when I write it down and take a look at what's gone on during the year, I find nothing to support my opening thoughts of "Hmm.  Am I doing as much as I can?"  That is the wrong question to ask.  What we should be asking ourselves is "How well am I doing what I do?"  That's more on point with being a social activist and keeping the focus within a global movement.

In Solidarity,


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