Why Isn't This On The Global Site?

map-world-puzzleWhen the global events come around each year for the Zeitgeist Movement I usually do my best to get my hands on the graphics & artwork that get created and post them on the zmca toolkit page.  I do this so anyone can have easy access to the artwork to repurpose for their own TZM events.

I remember reading a comment in a google group that stated "Why isn't this on the global website?"

It was flattering to read and also made sense.  The global site is a hub and gets much more traffic than zmca.  I thought about it for a whlie and then realized it wasn't as much of a problem as it was presented to be.  What's important was that the information (in this case TZM event artwork) is posted and available on a TZM website.  In a way, all these sites are connected via the TZM main site and TZMChapters.net which make up a global network of related sites..

I know that it's ineffecient to have 100 different websites to visit and there are things to address there.  But with social networking and word-of-mouth, people looking for this info will find it, and I'll alway do my best to keep the toolkit updated.  Who know's, maybe someday there will be a way to have TZM as a cloud-type virtual space where the photos, graphics, articles and other created media can be databased into a library for the whole world to access..

We're getting there.

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