Waiting on No One

My phone rang a few days ago and I enjoyed a conversation with an old friend.  After catching up he asked me "What is the Zeitgeist Movement doing about Occupy Wall Street?”, to which I replied "What are your expectations?"
He offered, "Wouldn't it be a great opportunity for the Movement to engage people in an educational capacity regarding what the problems are and a resource-based economy?"  Of course I agreed with him!!

This brings up a point that I wanted to make with him.  I asked him why he was waiting and expecting this to be done for him? What are YOU waiting for?!?  And why?
Psychological complacency I can now understand as a by-product of the system we live in.  We are so decoupled from the life-ground* that we've been reduced to dropping pocket-change at the checkout of the grocery store, or hoping, or praying to the supernatural, voting for a "leader" to do it, or buying girlscout cookies (even though those peanut butter ones are pretty awesome)..

It is the disposition of "expecting someone else to do it for you" that is, most likely, what makes social movements "not work".  I said to 'wait on no-one' and perhaps go look up a chapter in your area and say 'Hello' (there is one btw, I know the coordinators).  I'm sure they'd love to meet someone articulate on these subjects and able to communicate it to others. I encourage him to just go and do it.  Wait on no "one" to tell you to do it.

Automatons make poor initiators from what I've seen.  Some of the best coordinators I've met are those that do not need to wait on instruction.  Add in being relevant to the subject matter, then you will find; The necessity to transition out of the growth/consumption (aka market) model, move beyond politics and faith-based belief systems, and the need for science, problem-solving and collaboration - is already upon us.  And if necessity is the mother of invention, once you recognize the necessity, wait on no one..
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