Those troublesome corporate logos

apple logo 2014Do you fixate on the laptop logo during a Zeitgeist Movement ZDAY presentation? It happens every time.  Someone thinks that "doing activism" equates to leaving a comment on a YouTube video about seeing the Apple logo on a laptop during ZDAY presentation videos..

In the words of William Shatner "Seriously, get a life..." Because it doesn't matter.  It has no bearing on the subject matter of the speaker. Some people use a Mac.  Some use a Windows PC, some use Linux.  Personally I use Keynote.  It's a great program.  It's on my mac laptop. I have a macbook because I'm a video editor and for me FCPX is unmatched in power and ease of use.  Disagree? WHO CARES! You don't edit my videos so I could really care less if you like my tools or not.

I will probably do all my presenting with Keynote for the foreseeable future because it works well for what I do.  That's the only reason I use it. Oh, and it's free.

The other thing that is obviously not considered with non-contributing commentary such as mentioned YT comments, is the momentous amount of work it takes to put on an event like ZDay.  The months of planning, organizing, researching, promotion and preparing a topic.  The stress of fitting it into a full time life. Dealing with the public, venues, graphics, etc.. And all the 1000 little things that have to come together to make a day go seamless for the audience.  The actual act of caring enough to get off one's ass to do something real in the real world. 

Q:"What did you do for activism today?"

A:"Oh, well, I left a comment on Youtube that had nothing to do with anything being said"

My 2cents - Maybe try discussing the subject matter instead.  Post it somewhere that might be of interest to a new audience.  I'm sorry if you hate seeing the logo. No, I didn't think to cover it because I was busy with 100 other things.  Why didn't you volunteer to mask it? When you start doing that you can start leaving comments about it.

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