The Zeitgeist Movement of California - 2010 in Review

I took a cursory glance over the past year to get an overall picture of what has happened here in California with The Zeitgeist Movement and started to see the accomplishments form into a remarkable list.  And with the culmination of the global release of Peter's 3rd film, Zeitgeist: Moving Forward,  it couldn't be more appropriately named.  We are certainly moving forward as noted below...

New Subchapters formed in 2010 (see the ZMCA Chapter Page for full list)
  • Sacramento
  • Long Beach
  • Monterey
  • Ventura County
  • Santa Barbara

Events (incomplete list!)
  • March 13th Zday events in LA, OC, SD, SF
  • Zday 2010  (approx 400 people attended) between 2 events in Los Angeles
  • More than a dozen venue’d screenings  of Addendum throughout the state
  • Several state-wide banner events (freeways, intersections, festivals)
  • Tabling events at colleges, beaches, Earthday & other festivals

Awareness Projects (ongoing)
  • DayZ (monthly awareness day)
  • TZM Banner Project elevated to a national effort (form)
  • 10 published Newsletters
ZMCA Chapter Stats
As of January 2010
  • 10800 unique visits to the homepage
  • 518 newsletter subscribe (PHPlist)
  • 415 ZMCA registrations
  • 30 active members (consistently participating in some manner)*

As of Dec 2010
  • 32000 unique visits to the homepage
  • 797/285 newsletter subscribers (Feedburner subscribe/reach)
  • 1200 ZMCA site registrations
  • 120 active members (consistently participating in some manner)*
  • Average hits per month to approx: 250,000

10 Subchapters that participate in an official capacity: San Diego, Orange County, Monterey, Ventura County, Long Beach, Hesperia, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Central Valley  --  all total have reached 527 signups for active TZM supporters.

Further Developments
  • Development of subchapter website structure (mainly using groupsite)
  • Over 30 face-to-face subchapter meetings during 2010
  • 2 regional TZM social events: Northern Cal, Southern Cal
  • Several chapter-produced TZM videos posted on youtube from Ventura and Los Angeles
  • artwork contributions from almost every chapter.  Major contributions from Ryan Reeves to the Mediaproject site.
  • Several chapters participated in some filming for Zeitgeist: Moving Forward in Los Angeles.  Look for your silver-screen debut!!
  • 11 Chapter-hosted Zeitgeist:Moving Forward screenings announced & planned : Sacramento, Richmond, San Fransisco, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles (2), Long Beach, Monterey, Redlands, San Diego  (see

And 48 ZMCA meetings in Teamspeak and a successful Joomla website experience for the coordination of all of the above..

When looking at the past year it’s remarkable how much a group of volunteers have been able to accomplish through action, contribution, creativity, art, music, communication, and a desire to make a difference….

In Solidarity,

Jason Lord
CA Coordinator
The Zeitgeist Movement
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