The Big YouTube Copyright Scam

YT removedThe Big YouTube Copyright Scam is in full swing.  If I extrapolate out the amount of outright stealing that is happening on the TZM Official YouTube channel alone, there has to be millions of dollars being made off this infringement scam on the whole.  Because that's what it is, a scam.  An automated system that accesses a secret database while scanning YouTube for copyrighted material under the guise of "protecting intellectual property rights" through an all-or-nothing scheme.

So here is what's happening:

The database that is used is kept under lock & key and no one knows who submits the data to it.  Although it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it's supplied from sources like the RIAA or Apple, Time Warner, etc..

This auto-bot overlooks fair use of material. It overlooks non-commercial use. It overlooks non-commercial use for education. Instead, it treats even a few seconds of music (i.e. a non-commercial TZM video exercising fair use) with the same "piracy" paint as someone that is actually trying to sell a commercial work via theft.

So here's how you get exploited as an independent content creator:

What you do:  Create a 1-hour original work meant for non-commercial educational use only.  In this 1-hour piece you place 5 seconds of a popular piece of music because it helps convey a feeling or message that is widely familiar to the audience. Not for personal financial gain since your video is published for free under fair use.

What "They" do:  Refrain from submitting a formal copyright infringement take-down notice on your work. Rather, they choose the right to monetize 100% of your original work for themselves by placing advertisements on it. They can claim the whole work. You cannot remove the ads if they choose to monetize it for themselves and they keep all the revenues.

That is Part I of the scam...  Now for Part II.

There are alleged "copyright holders" who are not the real copyright holders.  I'll take a case point from our own TZM Official Channel. 

Who made the Zeitgeist Trilogy of films?  I imagine you already know that it was Peter Joseph. Who wrote the original soundtrack to the film?  Peter Joseph.  Who is claiming 100% monetization on Peter's film "Zeitgeist Addendum" on the TZM YouTube channel?

This company claims that several seconds of the soundtrack during the New York Times Square montage is owned by them.  They did not waive this claim, but rather they keep the right to place ads on it and keep 100% of the money for 100% of Zeitgeist Addendum.  ( you really should be ashamed of yourselves.)  There is no checks & balance system that I know of to deal with false ownership claims other than YouTube's internal litigation process.

I could cite many more examples from the TZM channel alone and these claims are difficult to fight. If you try and appeal more than 3 claims at once you run the risk of your entire channel being automatically banned from YouTube if all three parties refute your appeal (especially with fair use).  So with hundreds of claims on one channel it's nearly impossible to do much about it.

Youtube's automated copyright system is about a year old now and since its release I've seen some ad-hom criticism made towards the Movement about the hypocrisy of commercials on our published works on YouTube.  Let it be made clear now: We did not put them there.  The parties that hold alleged copyright claims through YouTube's system put the ads on there to monetize the whole work for themselves.

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