Honoring the Spirit of ZDay

ZDay is about introducing people to The Zeitgeist Movement who are unfamiliar with the information.  Also possibly generating media attention to your local chapter and TZM through participating in the global effort.

I hope your chapter is honoring the day in with the appropriate goal in mind. If you are a well-informed TZM supporter and/or a chapter coordinator, I hope you are either hosting a ZDay event in your local community or doing street activism in your local community to increase awareness in your region. If you are traveling to another chapter’s event, I hope you are going to volunteer and not simply to be a participant.

If you are going to merely socialize with other TZM folks you are not really honoring the day in the way it is  intended and you may be occupying a seat that could have been used for someone new to this information.  This is an awareness day for the public and all efforts help in that regard.

An awareness event in your local area requires a minimum of one person - you!  Which eliminates many reasons for not doing something this weekend where you reside. If you have not secured a venue for this weekend, no problem. You can still spread awareness by doing street activism that might include handing out TZM business cards you’ve created, passing out flyers, handing out free dvd copies, or just sitting somewhere with a catchy sign and engaging others in conversation and wishing them a Happy ZDay (natural conversation starter). You could even passively distribute info among community boards in grocery stores, coffee houses, bars, libraries, schools, or community centers. Or you could even hold a private screening in your home and invite friends and family who have never really learned what you do for the movement.

As great as it is to network with other TZM activists, this weekend is the time to actively participate in what we are about: Awareness activism, because we are not a social club, we exist for a specific purpose.

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