Teamspeak3: (aka TS3) is an online Voice & Text platform used by Zeitgeist Movement members for chapter meetings.  Please note that this server is paid for by the TZM founder and is a place to communicate in support of the Zeitgeist Movement's values, principles and direction.

Multiple countries participate, many languages are spoken.  Sign in and introduce yourself!! 

Please Note:

1. This server is hosted byTZM and is a moderated medium.

2. Forum Rules apply to the use of the Teamspeak server.

Download the Teamspeak Client for your computer here:  Teamspeak3 Download

Quick connect instructions:

  • Install the Teamspeak Client for your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Start/Run the Teamspeak software
  • Go to the Connections menu and choose Connect
  • Fill in the connection fields with the following:
Port = 9987
Usernameplease choose your own Username
passwd = ts_129tzm


The following pages have more detailed install instructions...



download the client for your Operating System here:

**NB** Please choose the correct bit for your OS. there is 32bit and 64bit for Windows / Linux. If you do not know which you are - then you are probably 32bit . to check on windows

Once you have downloaded the Client install it
Once installed please select push to talk.

Click Connect and enter the following settings:|

Port: 9987
Password = ts_129tzm

Also Once the client is installed, click this link to login: Connect

And now you are on the server!

Bookmark the server

Bookmark the server for easy access with info and tools at the ready
Click bookmarks > Add to Bookmarks > then either edit the information or click Ok

Adjusting the notifications

There will be a default Female voice pack for events and notifications.

To Disable this voice pack go to: Settings > Options > Notifications Once here you can disable each individual sound that you do not want to hear, or you can select the Sounds Deactivated Package

As illustrated here:

That covers the basics which you will need.

Subscribing to channels

Teamspeak automatically minimizes channels to reduce clutter , users can then manually right click the channels they find pertinent to their needs and subscribe to these channels - this will allow the user to see who is in that channel and it will always be maximised.

The Default channel layout should look something like this:

As stated you can manually subscribe to channels OR you have 2 more options:

1) Auto Subscribe to all channels

Go to your Options> Application> Auto subscribe

2) Use the glance Button

Locate your toolbar and click the glance button to temporarily subscribe to all channels, click this button again to unsubsribe.

you can also set teamspeak to automatically expand channels here:

Select the appropriate Download Folder

Please select the appropriate download folder for downloading files from the server.
Teamspeak enables us to store Files (documents,movies and any other thing we find worth-while) On the teamspeak server where you can download these files at quality speeds, other download websites will restrict your speed limit - we will not

So please select the appropriate download folder here:

Setting your Avatar

Avatar's are 300x300 pixel pictures which users can give themselves. these avatars will be shown to all who click on you.

If you have a picture which is bigger than 300x300 pixels then please select your Picture editing software and resize it appropriately.

To give yourself an avatar: right click yourself on ts3 > click set avatar > select avatar picture

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