Website Conduct


These rules were written in an effort to help everyone discuss the specified subjects, to allow everyone to participate without prejudice or intimidation, and encourage everyone to address points to the topics, not to the people.

General Rules

1. Treat everyone with respect. Refrain from insulting, derogatory, or any other disrespectful language, even if you disagree strongly, and even if another person has used such language or violated the rules first.

2. Do not engage in ad hominem attacks (arguing by attacking the person instead of addressing a topic), and try not to respond to such attacks, except to redirect the conversation to the topic.

3. Respect the forum categories and their descriptions. If you cannot find an appropriate category for something and you feel that it relates to The Zeitgeist Movement, post a thread in the "Suggestion Box".

4. Respect a moderator's decision to lock a topic, move a topic, or to delete a topic. If a moderator moves a topic, it is usually because they feel that the discussion is not relevant to the category in which it was started. Moderators lock a topic, rather than deleting it, out of respect for users. Deleting causes confusion, and removes valid content as well as the discussion that they locked. Always remember that the moderator could have just as easily deleted the topic, and may do so if people continue to bring it back. If a topic is deleted, the administrator felt that it was way out of bounds, and it should not be re-introduced. When topics are deleted, a placeholder will usually be left with the same or a modified title, and a note stating that it was deleted (so if you cannot find a topic, that usually does not mean it was deleted).

5. Advertising and Soliciting for private uses is unacceptable.  Advertising signatures and other spamming of off-topic content will be grounds for immediate removal from the forums and from

6. Do not "bump" threads (adding a word at the end to update the time). Users check the "Recent Discussions" to see recent topics, not the topics that you want them to see.  If you feel a topic deserves to remain visible post a suggestion to the "Suggestion Box". Threads that are bumped may be locked.  Similarly, try not to duplicate threads.

7. Use the forum's feedback system only for signifying that you feel that a post is relevant or irrelevant, and only in extremes. If a post if obviously spam or completely inappropriate, use the thumbs down button. If a post is unusually helpful and relevant, use the thumbs up.

8. Do not post individual's contact information unless it is publicly available (such as for elected officials), or you have explicit permission from the person to do so. Use caution before posting your own contact information such as phone numbers. The private messaging system is the best way to allow people to contact you.

General Advice

1. If there is a "sticky" thread at the top of a category, read it before posting any new threads to that category.

2. Before starting a new topic, search the forum for previous threads on the same topic

3. Avoid "hijacking" another user's thread. Hijacking is taking their thread and posting your own unrelated reply to it.  If you have a new topic then create your own thread.  Similarly, if you create a thread and decide to introduce a new subject, create a new thread.  Doing so will make it easier for others to find relevant topics.

4. Before you ask general questions about The Zeitgeist Movement, the movies, Peter Joseph or other related lectures, please read and learn about the content on this website, watch the film Zeitgeist Addendum and the Orientation Video.  All of which are on the ZMCA Homepage

5. Other websites may have been created around these topics, some may claim official connection to the movement. The only web entity produced by us are  ZMCA is an Official State Chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement.


These rules apply to posts, chats, emails, and any other activity conducted on the website and any other medium designated in the future as an "official" Zeitgeist Movement platform.

When a user is believed to be in violation of these rules, they will first be warned publicly in the platform on which the violation occurred.  When the nature of the violation does not require immediate action and when the violation does not appear to be intentional, they may also be warned privately, by personal message, chat, or other means.

If violations are repeated after an initial warning the user will be suspended.  Any suspension on any official platform will result in suspension from all platforms.  The length and requirements of a suspension are the discretion of the administrator acting.  Reinstatement will generally be granted when the user acknowledges the nature of the infraction, makes the necessary amends, and agrees not to repeat the violation.  Repeated violations and suspensions will be deemed as unwillingness to respect the rules, and will result in indefinite suspension.

In cases where a user believes that a suspension has occurred due to a misinterpretation, or when a user requests reinstatement, the standard contact form on the main page should be used.  Creation of additional accounts for the purpose of disputing or avoiding enforcement of the rules will be considered intentional violation, and may result in indefinite suspension.

Rules updated Sept 2010