Teamspeak3: (aka TS3) is an online Voice & Text platform used by Zeitgeist Movement members for chapter meetings.  Please note that this server is paid for by the TZM founder and is a place to communicate in support of the Zeitgeist Movement's values, principles and direction.

Multiple countries participate, many languages are spoken.  Sign in and introduce yourself!! 

Please Note:

1. This server is hosted byTZM and is a moderated medium.

2. Forum Rules apply to the use of the Teamspeak server.

Download the Teamspeak Client for your computer here:  Teamspeak3 Download

Quick connect instructions:

  • Install the Teamspeak Client for your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Start/Run the Teamspeak software
  • Go to the Connections menu and choose Connect
  • Fill in the connection fields with the following:
Port = 9987
Usernameplease choose your own Username
passwd = ts_129tzm


The following pages have more detailed install instructions...