We cannot, as you mention "plop the first city down and expect people to respect" or accept it. First people have to be informed about this direction and it has to be presented in an acceptable manner for the general public. We feel we need to present a film that would help to introduce a sustainable value system and that this is needed prior to the building of the city or the planning center. This new sustainable value system is needed in order to get us from here to there. It will depict a set of values more appropriate to our needs to survive and thrive.

This film will be designed to provide the necessary information that will help develop a global sustainable culture by providing the means of harnessing clean sources of energy and a relevant educational system fee of nationalism and propaganda. It will attempt to unify all nations by providing them with methods of overcoming their limitations. For example nations that do not have arable land for the growth of food stuff will be provided with the methods of hydroponic agriculture. It will also demonstrate to people the design parameters for sustainable cities and adequate international transportation system for goods and services. These cities will contain housing, industry, wind farms, photo voltaics, heat concentrator, health care, education, and all of the other necessities essential to the improvement of all members of society. Many cities will be self sufficient.

The film will identify the problems and the best methods with today’s technologies to overcome many of the problems that plague the world today. It will show how to provide a sustainable diet for the worlds hungry. It will deal with methods of providing health care to all the worlds’ people though efficient mobile transportation of medical equipment and staff by utilizing air, land and sea similar to emergency systems.

It will also provide methods and processes for desalinization without the use of fossil fuels by heat concentrators, mobile photovoltaic systems, wind generators and more. Where feasible we will harness all moving water streams such as the Gulf Stream, Icelandic current and other ocean currents that can be directed toward the development of energy.

The film will also depict how mass housing, cities, industrial plants, transportation and bridges can be developed in the shortest possible time by using prefabricated structural elements. It will show how the Polar Regions can be used to store seeds and food stuff for any international emergency. It will demonstrate how to develop canals and water ways to prevent flooding and other national disasters. It will portray processes that will help eliminate malaria and other diseases prevalent in underdeveloped countries.

There will be a great deal of computer animation used to depict these things in an comprehensive and exciting manner. The film would debunk the belief of a technical elite or any other advantage group controlling the system. It would show just what is achieved by applying the methods of science and technology to the way we live. It will demonstrate how decisions are arrived at with the end goals being enhancing everyone’s life while maintaining a clean environment with no vested interest groups, surpassing the need for military systems.

The film differs from all others in that it will supply solutions and methodology for accomplishing a unified, sustainable global culture. This will have to be a sophisticated and well done presentation that will be both entertaining and informative.

The building of a new city alone will not accomplish the changes needed without preparing people with an acceptable direction to move towards and the values needed to accomplish this. The film would help inform and provide a possible, positive alternative to war and social upheaval. It would emphasize that which nations have in common; we all need clean air, water, arable land. It would set forth a relevant point of view for sustainability and an education system to maintain this new direction. This is not designed to impose a value system upon any nation but to invite all nations to participate in the restoration of the environment and a method for a positive future.

It will be a vehicle to gather people who are environmentally and socially concerned and provide them with more information about this direction. It would lay out an attainable blueprint. We could then form an organization to gain funds to do a first city which will be a planning center to further these aims.

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