A response to people who are confused or concerned about our structure

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US Coordinator's summary based on Peter Joseph's presentation:

It is important to understand that The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is not looking for a direction or input to define our direction.  This is established and documented throughout our materials. Public acknowledgment in support of the movement is a person’s completely voluntary “vote” for what we are doing, so it is recommend that people become familiar with what the movement is about, and how the movement operates, before representing themselves as supporters. Thoroughly researching something to see if you are in agreement with it, prior to endorsing it is…well…sensible.

TZM supports a global, Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy (NL/RBE) and we are in a phase of spreading awareness about this. Collaboration from movement supporters is welcomed and encouraged within the many teams that function to facilitate awareness communication.

I have heard some people state that they think force is necessary to bring an RBE because not everyone will want it. Force means you are oppressing someone and you have to do so because they don’t share their value set. The RBE model TZM is pitching is VOLUNTARY. Why? Because if people choose it, they are supporting sustainable values that are pre-designed into the system. It is a given that some people will opt for something else and that’s fine. It takes critical mass to begin a transition but critical mass is not 100% approval. Fresco has stated it would likely require only 10% to start.

Here is a summation of what history’s violent revolutions brought: same shit, different people in charge. If you don’t understand the need for a value shift in order to have and MAINTAIN an RBE, then you still have some research to do. There is a method to the (seeming) madness. If you build and RBE and force people into it, what will you get? A revolution (likely violent) of people fighting to return to what they feel comfortable with: an unsustainable exchange model because that’s what people are conditioned to want (culturally speaking) until they come to the realization of its futility. TZM exists to build the desire that will create the transition of people who share a 'sustainable' value set.

J. Fresco on violence: http://youtu.be/EqtlEsJkXG0

And http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KXgHqp2juQ#t=7m00s

Staying focused with your chapter

notes on TZM chapter purpose from a recent TZM Canada meeting*

This article is republished here since it is relevant to all of TZM
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The key to a chapter’s success is to be focused on the goal (currently: global mass awareness).  It is very exciting right now seeing this real explosion happening across Canada (and the world) with so many new chapters starting up and taking a real active approach to being an “active” chapter.  As a new chapter or a young chapter it is crucial that you set up a “core” team of members that will be the building blocks for your chapter’s growth.

Global Project Teams are Groups of Members, organized by Team Coordinators, working with a specific Project or Projects.

Teams generally take two forms : Global Teams and Regional Teams.

Global Teams are teams which work on central Movement Projects which relate to the entire global organization. There are Currently 6 Global Teams and each Team has its own set of participatory guidelines/processes.

Beyond Politics Poverty and War


The Venus Project presents a new direction for humanity that entails a redesign of culture. The Venus Project is a veritable blueprint for the genesis of a civilization that is based on human concern and environmental integrity. There are many people today who are concerned with the serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the earth's ecosystems.