Official Zeitgeist Movement NPO

TZM NPO LOGOAs of June 2016, The Zeitgeist Movement has established a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization to help with core administrative tasks. Based in California, and chaired by core members of the Los Angeles Chapter of TZM, this tax exempt entity allows for tax deductible donations.

Allocation of donated funds include: Funding website work, covering administrative and hosting fees; the development and promotion of global event days, such as the Media Festival and Zeitgeist Day; expanding public relations work; along with overall media outreach, including better social networking strategies. We also seek to create a better communicative infrastructure to help chapters, while ensuring reliable project heads to help guide volunteer actions in large endeavors.



To clarify how this affects Zeitgeist Movement Chapters:

- TZM is not an NPO. There was a confusing statement in Peter's introduction video that 'TZM is now an NPO'. That was stated incorrectly. What was meant to be communicated is as follows: A new NPO has been formed by the Movement’s founder, Peter Joseph, with the specific mission statement to support the advocacy of a NL/RBE economic system and its education in the public domain.

...The specific purpose of this Corporation shall include without limitation; educating the public about what a universal resource based economy (aka “RBE”, aka “NL/RBE”) is, how it works, the resulting benefits, and how to transition present socioeconomic systems into it without social disruption or inconvenience. This will be accomplished by [the NPO] operating to raise financial support for The Zeitgeist Movement’s (“TZM”) awareness and educational events...

- The NPO is a legal, non-profit 501(c)3 corporate entity obligated by California law and IRS rules.

- The NPO is an independent entity that operates at the discretion of its board members. The small print above is a summary of their mission statement. It is very similar to the volunteer chapter purpose.

- The board members are volunteers, they take no salary. They are subject to California law and IRS rules (IRS is the Internal Revenue Service), whereas all other TZM volunteers participate freely through the volunteer guidlines of the TZM Chapter Structure

More info can be found on the global TZM website: