Staying focused with your chapter

notes on TZM chapter purpose from a recent TZM Canada meeting*

This article is republished here since it is relevant to all of TZM
(i.e. replace "Canada" with "California" when reading)


The key to a chapter’s success is to be focused on the goal (currently: global mass awareness).  It is very exciting right now seeing this real explosion happening across Canada (and the world) with so many new chapters starting up and taking a real active approach to being an “active” chapter.  As a new chapter or a young chapter it is crucial that you set up a “core” team of members that will be the building blocks for your chapter’s growth.

This core team is made up of the members that are dedicated to the ongoing growth and activism of the chapter.

This “core team” is different than your “sign up” memberships to your chapter. Sign up members to your chapter will come about, in most cases, from the ongoing activities that the core team set up and engage in throughout each year.

A core team will typically be about 10 to 12 members, and that is a very comfortable range. Although it could be larger, say, up to 25 members, but if it gets much larger than that, it will bring with it problems that will start to grow in size as your core team grows in size. Meaning, the bigger your core group gets, the bigger the problems mount down the road.

I have seen many promising and dedicated groups that withered out due to inter group conflicts quite quickly. It might appear early on that EVERYONE is just dying to get involved but many will eventually either bring in outside agendas or simply drop off.

So establishing a dedicated core right off will set you up to become a strong local community presence as you continue to get a foothold within your community.  If you are a newer chapter it is also better to start your dedicated core group smaller at around 3 to 5 people and build on that and create a real connection with each other first.


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