The ONE PLANET PROJECT campaign is a simple chapter project that directly engages each local community. An effective and creative platform for opening communication and education with the general public about our current world and the many problems we face as a global community today and heading into the future and how we can begin to work towards making a difference!

Here are some common questions about the One Planet Project (OPP) that people have been asking
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Question: Are you collecting those emails to enter into the global newsletter and if so, what is the preferred format you like to receive them?
Answer: No. People will receive (and should be told that they will receive) a ONE TIME email with the information and movie torrent package. After that it would be up to the individual to make the decision to take it further. If they view the movies and wish to “join the movement” that would be their call.
So the idea is that 100% of the people we talk directly with on the street now KNOW about the movement. That is already something pretty great.  BUT.....If even 50% of those actually watch what we send them when we forward the “package” to the email they gave us that would be amazing. And if even 50% of those liked what they saw and signed up to their local chapter and the main sight etc. as we all did that would be huge if we continue taking that easy step of simply week after week spending an hour or two collecting a few emails globally.
Those are pretty realistic numbers.
The emailed package should be sent directly from each individual to the emails that they collected. Then the emails that don’t bounce back should be forwarded to us so we have an actual count of emails and not just a number. Just to try to keep it legit in the count.
Question: Also, if you are entering emails it was asked whether or not it would be beneficial to submit entire chapter email lists to add to capture those who may have signed up for only a chapter but not the global site in order to more quickly grow the list? Of course, duplicates would need to be removed.
Answer: We are not entering emails. Just want them (people collecting emails) to show that they actually exist. ie: it is better that a person send 7 emails then just email us saying that they collected 7 emails. It is a simple way to gauge and keep it legit.
Question:  Do you prefer the OPP activists to send emails directly with the info packet and only encourage recipients to signup on the global website for the newsletter?
Answer: Yes, the letter that they can copy / paste HERE and edit to fit their local personal info states:
This is a ONE TIME email. For more information or any questions you might have please contact us through our local site HERE: (place your email, facebook or website here).
Also, please sign up to receive The Zeitgeist Movement Newsletter HERE:
Hope that makes sense and helps and please let me know if you have any other questions, thoughts, suggestions etc. and thanks for your help on this!

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