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Welcome to the official California chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement


The term “Zeitgeist” can be defined as: The intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. The term "movement" implies motion or change. The Zeitgeist Movement is thus a social aim that urges change in the intellectual, moral and cultural climate of the time. Specifically, to values and practices that would better serve the well-being of the whole of humanity.

What TZM advocates, in short, can be phrased as: "The application of the Scientific Method for social concern", which is currently not done since the main modes of social problem-solving are through monetary economics and politics.

If you are new to The Movement or ZMCA, we highly recommend viewing Zeitgeist: Moving Forward or reading our new book - TZM Defined - to accurately understand this social direction.

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zday poster 4 Announcing the 9th Annual Global 'Zeitgeist Day' 2017 Symposium Main Event:

Brisbane Australia, Saturday March 25 - 26th, 2017

New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, AU

Brisbane, Australia – Discover the possibilities of automation, innovation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, critical thinking and innovative systems and their role in the transition towards the Zeitgeist Movement’s ultimate vision, a Natural-Law Resource Based Economy (NLRBE).

Discuss how the current money-market system we live in is responsible for issues such as – poverty, corruption, pollution, homelessness, war and starvation – and how our understanding of the system can help us become the change we want to see in the world.

This page will be updated with information on presenters as they are added to the two-day schedule on Saturday and Sunday 25th-26th March, 2017.

We look forward to meeting you on our journey towards global unity and abundance!


Focusing on transitioning society to into a condition of post-scarcity, emphasizing social and environmental justice, the topics of discussion will include the role of technology, the latest understandings in public health science, critical factors of future sustainability, transition steps such as universal basic income, and the structural incapacity of market capitalism to address these pressing concerns, holding progress back. The purpose of The Zeitgeist Movement is to assist global transition into a new social model based upon the pursuit of social equality, sustainability and abundance.

2017 Main Event Official Website:

TZM Official Website:


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The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression

The New Human Rights MovementAfter almost a decade of research and activism, Peter Joseph [founder of The Zeitgeist Movement] is proud to announce the prerelease of his new literary work, The New Human Rights Movement.

Published by BenBella Books, this text gives a detailed analysis of the oppressive and unsustainable state of affairs we endure today. More importantly, it proposes the critical steps needed to change course before ecological and social instability become irreversible. At about 120,000 words, including over 800 sources/footnotes, the thoroughness of this work is extensive.

For those interested, you can preorder this important book now. While the release is still months away, your preorder will help the work’s promotional metrics, leading to a stronger release and more media attention. Given the deep saturation of the book market today, this work needs your support if we hope to see these perspectives and ideas ever engaged in the mainstream.

Help make this book a “bestseller” which will make this conversation visible.

Preorder Here:…/…/1942952651


Facebook Page:

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The Zeitgeist Movement has a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit


As of June 2016, The Zeitgeist Movement has established a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization to help with core administrative tasks. Based in California, and chaired by core members of the Los Angeles Chapter of TZM, this tax exempt entity allows for tax deductible donations.

Allocation of donated funds include: Funding website work, covering administrative and hosting fees; the development and promotion of global event days, such as the Media Festival and Zeitgeist Day; expanding public relations work; along with overall media outreach, including better social networking strategies. We also seek to create a better communicative infrastructure to help chapters, while ensuring reliable project heads to help guide volunteer actions in large endeavors.

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